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Mast Replacement

Making plans to replace my heavy wooden mast with something lighter (aluminum). It will only be used for a 4ft open array radar, gps ant., an lights (no boom). So maybe 14ft. or less; as long as the gear is above my 7ft. bimini. All suggestions welcome. Oh, I'm in covered slip (low roof) so it will have to be hinged (no guy wires).

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I sent you a PM with a link to pictures of my folding alum mast project. Hope you find something of use there.

Lot’s of ways to skin this cat.

I found the mast I wanted in a sailboat marina. Most sailboat yards have broken masts, but they are often too big visually and too heavy.

Keep looking.

I designed in the gas/hydraulic shock to make lowering and raising the mast a one hand operation. I’ve seen too many DeFever owners struggle with “A frame” structures and a hour of work to lower the mast.

I wanted to come up to a drawbridge and just push the mast down.

It works very well, and didn’t cost a lot. Keep in mind that I had to retain the ability to lift my 130 lb. Avon RIB and the Yamaha 100 lb. engine.


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Hi Mike, Could you post a link to the pictures? I would be interested in seeing them. I'm kinda in the same boat. Thanks.

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No guy wires means a pin end mount , about the highest load ant mast can envision.
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Hi Mike,
I also have a DeFever 40 and would be very interested in pictures of your mast replacement project.

Jim Mason
1974 DeFever Passagemaker
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Come-on Mike:::::all of us are interested in your project. Post the photos here so we can learn. I'm also doing the change-over to a swinging davit and putting the electronics on the mast, but I'm looking for a way to make it a bit more stylish to go with the sleek and streamlined lines of my graceful craft.
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I am looking for a picture too. My new boat has an ugly squared tube for a mast and I want to replace with a sailboat mast and boom. I was planning to guy wire it, with a set of spreaders to open up the area under the mast for a pair of kayaks. I was thinking radome mounted up there somewhere... Maybe an AIS antenna

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