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Maintaining mechanical steering

I have a GB 42 with a mechanical steering system. Is there a special grease or other lubricant I should use on cables and pulleys? A spray-on recommendation? And I guess a grease for stern arms and levers?

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You have chain and cable steering, there are several brands of specific lube for this application. These products are typically thicker than many lubricants to stay put on chains, cables and pulleys. This is one of the more readily available brands:

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I'm posted - cause - I want to learn more bout this!
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You've got the best steering system IMO. I was going to install cable and chain but it was too time consuming ..... and expensive. Just installing all the sheaves and locating exactly where they should be is a huge job in itself. Total up all those bronze sheaves ect and it's much more $ than hydraulic. I went the cheap route.
Motorcycle chain lube may be excellent. You spray it on and then it solidifies to an extent. So it won't sling off as on a motorcycle at speed. If you do that get the kind for non "O ring" chain.
If the chain has never been cleaned do it as like for a motorcycle. And cables need lube mostly where they go around sheaves. Pine tar is a good lube for cable.

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Lubing the cable will keep it from rusting , the pulley it rides on should have a grease fitting.

If it doesn't take it out , drill and tap and install one.

The outboard shops have SS zerk fittings that look nice.
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