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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

I have two Rule 3700's under the main engine, and a manual in the same space.* Also, a portable AC submersible pump.

The 3700's each have*dedicated 1-1/2" open lines.

The bilge is normally dry,*I use a wet/dry vac to remove small amounts of water.

A loud siren alarm*is connected to*a high bilge water sensor.**Two-tone alarms are connected to the lower bilge pump sensors.* If the pumps are activated,*alarms sound, but they can be defeated without stopping the pumps.*

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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

(4) 2,000gph pumps.

(4) high water alarms

(4) bilge counters with bright lights at the lower helm

(2) 1,000gph shower sumps mounted low in the bilges

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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

First, check valves: A good friend had his boat flooded to the point he got totally rewired and a new engine, because he had a check valve in the bilge pump line, instead of an anti-siphon. The check valve failed, and since the hose ran from the thru hull directly to the bilge pump, with no anti siphon loop, when the rocking of the boat immersed the outlet, in came the water, till there was an awful lot of it. Only vigilance by the dock guys saved him. So if all you have is a check valve, between you and sinking, think about it.

I have two dedicated bilge pumps, both Rule 2000. Both on float switches. I tried a "Water Witch" about 15 yrs ago when they were new. It failed after about a year. Not interested in trying them again. I also have a shower sump with another Rule 2000. The water has to rise to the top of the sump and flood in before this one will do anything, so I don't consider it to be part of the bilge pumping arrangement. I also have a Y valve on my holding tank pumpout, the branch goes to a bilge sucker, so if I really need to suck, the macerator pump will help out. And last, certainly not least, the Honda fire pump. 5 hp gas driven, with an inlet hose (2.0") that you can stick into the bilge and put those Rule pumps out of business. I hope never to need to use that one.

My bilge pumps have been tested, twice. One of the ball valves on a head outlet split, and as we were using the boat at the time, the incessant cycling of the bilge pump woke us, averting disaster. The second time was just a dribble, but one that went on for quite a long time, from the packing on the rudder stock. Hard to inspect, easy to fix, but without good bilge pumping arrangements, a potential sinking.
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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

We have 2 bilges and 2 2000 pumps. there is also a valve on raw water intake hose just before the strainer. Close the normal thru hull and open the emergency valve and with engine running, raw water pump acts as another bilge pump. But if the emer valve is opened accidently withe engine off, the bilge will flood.

I installed radio shack buzzers to sound when the pumps run because the associated light is not in a visible spot and we did have a domestic water hose in bilge let go un noticed. we also have a 1/2 hp AC sump pump from Sears that I hope to use to save someone else's boat some day.
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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

3 x1500 Rules. One in the fwd compartment under the V-berth sole. The other two in the engine area.

1 old converted rule diaphram freshwater pump that cracked the internal chamber divider web and won't hold pressure but makes a good bilge pump that will pull all but a few cupsfull of water out of the bilge.

1 manual double action Rule. Can't remember the model.

1 high water bilge alarm although it looks like this year it will need a new switch.

And several buckets.
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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

Marin wrote:rwidman wrote:
My educated guess is that this layout is intentional and is intended to keep from pumping oil overboard in case of an engine failure.
*It is certainly plausible.* The narrowboats used on the canals in England, for example,*have separate bilge compartments under their engines and these compartments are separated from the rest of the boat's bilge by high sides, more than a foot in some cases, particularly on the older boats that used air-cooled Lister diesel engines.

Even if this was not done deliberately on your boat it seems like a*very good feature to have.

Not that good a feature, at least in my experience.* When I had a potable water leak, it leaked into that area and had to get seven inches deep before it overflowed into the aft bilge and set off the alarm and began pumping.* I would guess twenty gallons or so.

Also, when I clean the center bilge, I gave to stick a manual pump down between the engine and the hull and manually pump the water either into buckets or into the aft bilge so it can be pumped out.

In my mind, I think the chance of an engine failure that would dump all the oil into the bilge would be very small.* You would pretty much need to puncture the oil pan.

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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

I'd rather run the risk of pumping a bit of oil overboard instead of having a foot of water in my engine room - if you figure (for my boat) an engine room bilge about 1' deep, 14' wide, and about 12' long - that is about 170 cubic feet of water - at 62 lbs a cubic foot - means I could have 10,400 pounds of water - heavier, if salt water - sloshing around my bilge. Once free surface effect takes over - all that weight could be catastrophic.
Even if the water overflowed to the fwd and aft compartments where bilge pumps take over - I still have no way to easily evacuate the water from the engine room.
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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

2 reasons for bilge pumps.* One to get the run of the mill water out...can be 500gph or so if installed properly.* Second to stop the boat from sinking ONCE you stemmed the flow of water coming in from a casualty.* Till you slow the water coming in from most thru hull failures, shaft log/packing issues, hose failures, etc...etc....even 3/3000gph pumps may not be enough.

The issue with many bilge pumps is they can't meet their rating because of install issues and corrosion issues lowering the voltage and burning them up.*

There are some decent explanations of how to install bilge pumps on the net or in books but none of them are totally correct because there is no pat answer to cover every boat.* You have to look at your water ingress and pump capability as a total system and each pump as a separate system that will perform the way you expect it to when you really need it.

Lots of pumps are better than a few...but only marginally better if not installed correctly with lots in mind.

If you are serious about damage control...first and foremost concentrate at keeping water out or stemming it's flow once an emergency starts...after that...the only pumps that may keep you afloat well enough you can really address your emergency wuld be a 1.5 inch trash pump or bigger.

In the last 10 years I have worked on at least 200 (prbably way more) salvage jobs raising sunk*boats.* I'm buying a trash pump before I start cruising heavily next year.
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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

Annie has a watertight bulkhead aft and we call the entire aft section the lazarette. It has a 12 volt Jabsco 12 volt diaphragm pump on a float switch with manual override plus a high capacity 30 gallon per minute 110volt impeller type JABSCO pump. In the main bilge there are two of the JABSCO diaphragm 12 volt pumps plus another high capacity 110 volt JABSCO impeller type. In addition there is another of the JABSCO impeller type that is a wash down pump that will pump 30 gpm out of the bilge by flipping two ball valves that change the pickup and discharge points.In addition to all of that ther are several pumps in the bilge that collect condensate from AC's and stuffing boxes that will pump overboard if the float switches are actuated. Over the years I have had what I consider a rather high failure rate with float switches. Every time I go into the bilge I flip all of the float switches to check their function. On the main 12 volt pumps ther are two float switches in parallel so I'd one fails the other will activate the pumps. One of my next projects is to put a siren on the boat that is In parallel with the pump so if the boat is unattended the siren will go off if the pump comes on.
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How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

If we are talking bilge pumps. The size to me isn't important. If I am just de watering the seepage that accumulates in the bilge.

If I have a hole in the boat none of the available bilge pumps will keep up with the water coming in.

I have a super large *dewatering pump run off a generator in case of emergencys.

so I use small bilge (*250 gph) pumps with an alarm on the float switch.

I can't see spending a large ammount of money on a large bilge pump to pump 4 or 5 gallons overboard once or twice a week.

I also have a safty seacock that will allow me to use the engine to pump water overboard.

Just close the seacock and* pull the plug.




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RE: How many, and what size, bilge pumps do you have?

Delia Rosa has a bilge pump in the bow bilge area and two independent bilge pumps in the aft bilge area (engine room). *There is an additional AC bilge pump in the engine room area which can be switched on when AC is available via generator or shore power.

We also a have a sump pump for the bathtub and shower.

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