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Scraping Paint
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Ron--- Very nice looking cabin sole you ended up with. Being a laminate I suspect it holds up better under use than an actual teak and holly floor would.

Eric--- While there is thick noise insulation on the bottoms of all our floor panels, and the panels themselves are quite thick with the framing, plywood, and then fairly thick teak parquet on top, the engine noise still comes up through the helm pedestal, the storage compartment under the cabin door step, and so forth.

When we bought the boat the previous owner had put long carpet runners in the main and aft cabins but we got rid of them. There was no difference in noise level that we could discern. A big improvement was the addition of two of those gel floor pads in the main cabin. Each one is about 2' x 4', they look good and they make standing at the galley or at the helm a lot more comfortable for the feet.

They are not glued down or anything but they have a non-skid backing that keeps them in place on the wood flooring and they don't absorb water. Not the cheapest things on the planet but in our view they are very worthwhile having.

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Lionseal, yes I know of the product , we have used it on some commercial boats.

Just don't love the price .And the look is really Industrial.

Living aboard in NYC , I have found bathroom rug material to be the easiest to live with ,it doesn't need binding and is machine washable.

Very useful during snow, ice and mud season, when visitors keep their boots on.

I have considered std linoleum , but very little is made with no skid properties.

Still searching for the right combo of use and cost.

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