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I have an automatic firebox in the ER. Last year hand to replace all my hand held ones as they were all recalled. Bought new "marine" extinguishers at Walmart.

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10lb. CO2 mounted just outside the ER door and the usual USCG compliment.

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Don't know if this was already stated, but an easy way to remember the different types of extinguishers is:

A - Ash. This type is for burnables such as wood, paper, trash, etc.

B - Boiling. For burnable liquids such as fuels, oils, paints, plastics.

C - Current. Fires involving "live" electrical type items.
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Foam works great on burning liquids that are on the surface of the floor or water however if the liquid is sloshing around or if there are very uneven surfaces it's not so good. Breaks in the foam coverage will alow the fire to break out again. Cut the fuel/current, cut the oxygen or cool the heat and keep a cool head. It's hard to beat water if there is no electrical current.

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Funny, I have a lot of experience with small boat fires...foam seems to be the only thing that ultimately puts the worst of them out.

The last one pumped water on it with a big trash pump and fire nozzle for almost an hour before the fire department showed up and I had to send them back for foam. A second team with a fog nozzle and maybe I could have done better. Finally, with the foam, it took seconds to put the fire out what an hour with water couldn't.

Foam can get places and seal them off where other agents just don't seem to do the trick.

Granted...probably the average boat owner won't be aboard for some fires...but a bilge full of foam does wonders. It will flow under and into places one would be pulling floor boards up to get to...if they could.

Most of the boats, the foam ends up being at least several feet think in the hull...always seems to do a pretty good job of smothering everything. One break in it and reflashes are common until a lot of areas cool down and ignition sources stopped.

I agree that dry chem is the most practical...but like tool for the job.

Every boat and every fire can be a bit different, so different extringuishers can have their place. Exeperience does help and as pointed out earlier...most boaters have never fought a real boat fire.
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As others have posted, foam in the bilge to put out a fuel fire is the best possible solution. But while a dry chem doesn't work as well there, it works very well for other fire types/locations.

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