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Epoxy Polyamide Paint

I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with Epoxy Polyamide paint?

The Navy has painted*all of my utility boat with this paint and was*interested to see if this type of paint is as good as the newer polyurethene paints.

Epoxy Polyamide is used in a lot of concrete sealer products,eg swimming pools.Just can't find any info in the application on fibreglass boats.



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RE: Epoxy Polyamide Paint

Epoxy polyamide paints are typically what are what are used to paint steel structures such as the town water tanks you see. It is very durable as far as abrasion is concerned. Epoxies are not that good as far as the sun is concerned. They chalk. If you want something to looks good, you would use an epoxy for the primer coat and top coat it with a urethane. The urethane is a prettier finish and UV resistant. Polyamide epoxides will stick well to fiberglass. They usually go on fairly thick and will need lots of sanding to give a smooth finish to be coated with a urethane. Polyamide epoxy is generally an industrial paint where protection is the primary goal and aesthetics are secondary.
Generally speaking. epoxy coatings are much more water proof than the original gelcoat on a boat. Keep in mind that not all epoxies are made for submerged service such as below the waterline. You will have to check the appropriate product data sheets for that info.

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RE: Epoxy Polyamide Paint

Thanks for that Tony,
If Epoxy Polyamide has a poor UV resistance i will probably prime with epoxy and top coat with urethene.You are correct in this paint being very thick and rough,i do have a lot of sanding ahead of me.
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RE: Epoxy Polyamide Paint

Bluetide, As a commercial pilot 30 years in the business, I can tell you about epoxy polyamide. Aluminum airframes of both fixed wing and rotary wing (helicopters) used zinc chromate as a primer for decades back to the early years in aviation. Zinc, however, as in zinc chromate has been over regulated by the government as in MSDS and is no longer used. What aircraft manufacturers use today to prime aircraft grade aluminum is epoxy polyamide. It looks the same as zinc chromate, lime green, and it accepts any two part poly urethane topcoat readily. Imron is one paint that is used quite a bit on jets...speeds of 600 miles an hour, a paint needs to stick!

So, guess what I used to coat my two 155 gallon alumimum tanks on my sportfish??

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