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RE: Engine oil change system

Or Publik Skools ,

where the average captive client ($25,000 each) in DC or Newark NJ cant read in high skool?

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RE: Engine oil change system

John,Is that the speed you run * *..looks like about 10-12 knots in your avitar. I'm sure your boat can go a lot faster so maybe you do run faster to get the oil up to 170-180. If you rigged a bypass hose around the oil cooler you could switch it out of the circuit and perhaps retain the oil heat. I have changed oil out on the water and feel comfortable doing it that way but my oil extractor is super simple * *..fitting on the bottom of the oil pan and a hose and hand pump. I change oil frequently and the filter only every third time. I reason that the screw/spin on filter can hold much much more stuff than a marine engine can ingest so it needen't be changed often. So I suppose one should have 2 new filters handy when changing filters but otherwise what could go wrong? Not much chance.*I agree w FF on this oil temp for change. You need to cool down valves and other engine parts (I think) somewhat before shutting down and I wonder how much oil heat you'll loose in that time. I'm sure for liability reasons Yanmar will prolly say come back to the dock. I would be pre-flight careful about your changing drill and change "at sea". Have the oil in sight and perhaps extra filters before extraction ect. A downside to this is that your boat could, according to it's windage balance lie in the troughs of waves making working over a hot engine w poor footing hazardous. You have a lot more sun down there and w sun usually one gets a bit of wind. What think?


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