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Catching up on maintenance

I thought it a good time to take care of regular servicing as well as some of those pesky little projects that can be put off. Lou was home recovering from flu like symptoms, so my son David agreed to go to the boat. He spent most of his time researching, writing. and going to the beach. We did make it down to Stuart for the boat show and to check out Sunset Bay Marina.

The first order of business was to install the new state of charge meter. I had a new battery cable made up, then it was cutting holes and snaking wires. It is a very interesting instrument. The amount of information is phenomenal.

The engines and generator were ready for annual servicing. 24 zincs on the big Yanmars, Valves adjusted, all new filters, and oil. Then we did a complete inspection of the engine room prior to cleaning up.

In inspecting the exhaust hoses, it seamed that some seepage was dripping from the starboard exhaust hose. The hose seamed soft in that area. In looking at the port exhaust hose, the hose was not seeping, but it also seamed soft. Looking at how much work would be involved in changing those out, I decided to call for help. Of course exhaust hoses travel through some inaccessible places. The mufflers were outboard the fuel tank with connections at both ends. fortunately Sabre does a good job of providing maintenance access. In order not to move the Glendenning Cable Master, we had to cut one access in the rear engine room bulkhead. It was easy to take care of that. We went back with heavier hoses that had virtually no bend. I ordered the 6" ID hoses as well as a couple of elbow connectors to make the required bends. Then we went to work.

I had two laborers that were good workers. While I had them, we took care of a few other little things. It took a total of 17 hours while I had them. Getting the hoses replaced was a massive amount of work. The guys were good, and stuck with me.

Cleaning up the generator I discovered a crack in the connecting piece from the exhaust manifold to the exhaust hose. I got that on order, and it is replaced. Then we did some cleaning and paint touch up on the engines.

A hatch under a cockpit bench had a broken hinge that could not be replaced. I picked up another Bomar hatch, and replaced that. The Halon fir supression system in the engine room was ready for recertification. Had the fire people come over for that.

What a week! It needed to be done. The good thing is Moonstruck is ready for cruising again. I don't think of Moonstruck as a boat or yacht, but a cruiser. That's why I bought her, and she does a great job of taking us to cruising destinations.
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