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Boat Interior, Varnish over Teak, Cleaning/Shinning Up

The interior of my boat is varnished teak and is need of cleaning and shinning up. Any recommendations on what to use would be appreciated.

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Liquid Gold - sold in grocery stores. Liquid Gold will clean and make the teak shine like it has a gloss coat. The soap will clean but they will not shine and or protect.

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Murphey's oil soap.
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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
Murphey's oil soap.

David Hawkins
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Originally Posted by dwhatty View Post
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Guardsman furniture polish. Contains no silicones that can break down lacquer. Some boat interiors have a lacquer finish. | Guardsman Furniture Care Products | Guardsman Online Store

We use it on Moonstruck.

Don on Moonstruck
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We have been happy with liquid gold.
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I've been using Pledge Revitalizing Oil with Orange Oil with good results. The orange oil seems to help cut the buildup and the product leaves a subtle shine.

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Depends on what kind of "varnish" job you have. Many boats do not have a varnished interior, but an oiled one. Using many kinds of furniture polish or cleaners on most varnished surfaces will dull and break down the varnish to varying degrees. Try any of the recommended solutions in a very inconspicuous place, then wait a few days and see what you have. Depending on the state of affairs, varnish should clean up with a warm damp cloth, and beyond that it is sanding and re-varnishing time. Or better yet, best to have a pro or very experienced boater look at what you actually have, rather than rely on pat answers from folks who haven't seen your boat first hand.

As they say, don't ask me how I learned all this about this subject.
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For - - > Clean (not deeply stained) Raw Teak and Mahogany... Interior or Exterior: Nothing beats two to four thorough coats of pure Baby Oil well rubbed in with a soft towel, let set for about 15 minutes between coats as it soaks in, then vigorously polish to a sheen with a clean, soft cloth!! Interior lasts for two years or more, exterior for one year or less (depending on climate).

For - - > Clean Varnished Surface (with the varnish finish in not too bad a condition): Diluted laundry detergent, 1 cup +/- to 4 gal water gently hand wash with fluffy towel. Dry and hand polish to a basic gloss with car shine type of buffing pad. If still dull - bite the bullet, i.e. sand lightly with medium to fine grit and varnish with number of coats required, very fine grit sanding between coats and wipe down with damp towel to remove dust (let it well dry between coats).

How do I know... Teen years (and before - lol) restoring wood cruisers in NY boatyards, with the pros! I still do these processes today!

Pict - Draws and doors in galley are teak.
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