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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
The generic is "powerboat" or "cruiser". Less kind generic is "stinkboat", as used by "rag and stick" aficionados. "Trawler" is gaining usage, with a little encouragement.
Stinkboat Forum, Rag and Stick Forum...just not very catchy names.

I'll stick with Trawler Forum!!

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Originally Posted by kulas44 View Post
I like real wood, but not on a meal prep surface. A table is ok, a counter top is ok, but not where I cook. I like stainless sinks and plastic prep surfaces. I use a lot of bleach "when" I clean, which is not often enough, and hate using it on my laboriously contrived "real" wood surfaces. Formica is king.
I agree Formica is some tough stuff and it's perfect for counter tops . I use it wherever it makes sense . It's been around a long time .

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When we bought Doriana, from the wooden boat enthusiast son and Executor of the deceased owner(son was buying a gaff rigged schooner built of huon pine and needed the mooring at their waterfront home freed up), he criticized the laminate used in the 2 areas as out of keeping with the quality of the joinery generally. That made me think "why?", I realised it had to be for sun durability behind the windscreen, and general durability on the table top. It doesn`t look so bad.
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Grand Banks of a certain age use it. On the dashboard, some doors etc.
Don't believe everything that you think.
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Originally Posted by Brisyboy View Post

From my experience, trawlers over here are working fishing boats and the pleasure boat style that we all own, as I said, are known as displacement cruisers etc. My wife refuses to call it a trawler as she reckons it doesn`t smell of fish, have nets, cranes or crew that smoke, drink and use bad language (I don`t smoke at least)

That confirms it. If I use my boom for a crane, I've got myself a trawler.
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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
Grand Banks of a certain age use it. On the dashboard, some doors etc.
The only laminate on our 1973 GB is the face of the engine instrument panel in front of the helm wheel in the main cabin. Every other teak surface in the boat is solid teak. The bulkheads, walls, door panels, etc. are painted mahogany.

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