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What Size Norcold Fridge?

recently purchased island gypsy 32 and it needs a new refridgerator.
The problem is I am away from boat and cannot remember the size of the
norcold it needs. It is a 1994 europa. Any help would be appreciated.


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Seriously, go to the boat, remove the refrigerator, and measure the opening including the depth. It would be unwise to order a refrigerator based on dimensions given on an Internet forum. The poster could be wrong or their boat might be different from yours. You could end up with a unit that doesn't fit.

I would suggest looking at Isotherm and Nova Kool as replacements. Norcold doesn't have a great reputation compared to the other brands..

And of course, how do you know that it actually needs a new refrigerator? If it's not working, the repair could be as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Have it checked before you blindly replace it.

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IF the fridge is built into a closet chose one i that vents instead into the cabin area , not back into the confined space.

It is worth what extra you will pay for a modern machine with a 12V Danfoss compressor.

IF and only,, IF,, you plan to cruise and spend much time at the hook.

A house cheapo will be $75 or $100 in small sizes and not spin the marina meter hard , but the extra thousand spent on a genuine modern RV / marine unit will pay for itself by not needing a thousand bucks worth of batteries .

How you will cruise counts. Pay now or later!
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Thanks for the refridgerator advice only problem wont be on boat until january. I wanted to have all parts waiting at boat yard when I arrived rather than wait for refridgerator to be delivered.
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If the boat is in a boatyard I would think the yard itself could take the required measurements per Ron's post. Ordering parts when one doesn't even know the problem, or worse, ordering an entire refrigerator when one doesn't even know the actual dimensions of the space are both problems waiting to happen.

There is very little about boats that is standard across the spectrum. Even in a given make and model there can be variables that prevent a piece of equipment that works or fits on one boat from working or fitting on another boat of the exact same make and model.
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I'm going to guess that you don;t know the fridge model number, correct?
If you do know the model number you should be able to look the dimensions up on their site, hopefully, unless the purchase by Thetford?? has canned that info.

I agree that to order one of these things without actually checking could be an expensive mistake.

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