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ventilation w/o losing heat

Just saw these.. found them in an article about a tiny home in northern Canada being tested against the cold.... and of course I had to look up the specs... 12 VDC at 3.3W

Used in pairs (one pulls air out while the other pushes air in and alternates every 70 seconds or so)

The best part though is that it is supposed to retain 90% OF THE HEAT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST FROM VENTING!

has anyone ever seen/used these???? Why aren't they on all our boats that reside north of the 45th Parallel?

e² heat recovery | Lunos Lüftungstechnik GmbH für Raumluftsysteme

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I don't see how it can work. If it only blows air in one direction then it's not recovering the heat AND the replacement air that has to come in through other places will have to be heated.


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555 Euros... Each.
Don't believe everything that you think.
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my understanding is that as the air is drawn out, the heat is transferred to ceramic disks... (or some such).. then released back into the air that is being drawn in on the next stage.
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Looks similar to a regenerator in a gas turbine. Should work, but whether it is effective enough to help is sorta doubtful.

My boat is plagued by fogging windows while running with outside temps near freezing. I have to run around with towels and a hair dryer to try and control it. PITA. Thinking of running a dehumidifier, but doubt that will get the dewpoint down below glass temp. Occasionally need to open fwd hatch and back door and do an air purge, and all that nice heat is gone.

I don't think the little contraption will do the trick. At 550Euros, not going to try.
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The mid air flow of 31 m3/hr is about 20 cfm, which is less than most muffin fans, so it will take more than one to do much good in a 1,500 cu ft boat cabin interior.

But wait a few months. Amazon will have Chinese made copies available by then at 1/10 the German price. Heck all it is, is a muffin fan with a ceramic honeycomb heat regenerator and a switching timer. The Chinese may be able to make them for as little as $10..

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When I was a kid, my dad bought a device that plugged into a wall outlet and "turned your house wiring into a huge TV antenna." It didn't work. He was pissed so he smashed it with a hammer to see what was inside. The two wires were terminated in a lump of plaster. Could the same manufacturer.
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Good one Mr Mason.

North Western Washington State USA
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On 40' + boat a small HRV would make sense..all the homes I built have them and they average a 75-80% recovery rate. The do a great job of removing stale and humid air. For the un informed they are air to air heat exchangers that can save a bunch of money vs. just exhausting and providing make up air.

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