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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Might need to figure out a holding tank if you ever cruise south through North Carolina.
Whereabouts do they have a no discharge zone? Our boat is in lower Chesapeake Bay, which is where we stay. Have yet to go any long distance in the boat.

New+Hanover+County, well dont plan on passing thru. Bothersome one little county did that.

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From the South Carolina border up to north of Wilmington someplace.

Insane that all the sounds behind Hatteras that don't ocean flush are not , yet the area that has more crappy little inlets to flush a miniscule back bay system are a NDZ>

Methinks population and resort areas have more to do with it than real pollution issues.

They also have some insane rule about keeping a log of pumpouts...cross referenced to marina logs. Totally unenforceable in court..but they could still wreck a trip with that crazy BS.

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Originally Posted by sdowney717 View Post
would it be easier to use CPVC pipe and glue it together in shorter sections?
Unfortunately that doesn't solve the essential routing problem. Regardless of what piping I use, I gots to gets its theres
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City: Seaford Va on Poquoson River, VA
Country: United States
Vessel Name: Old Glory
Vessel Model: 1970 Egg Harbor 37 extended salon model
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My wash down pump is made by Jabsco Model 11810.
I have it mounted near gen set in the lazarette.
Seawater is shared with the cruisair heat pump thru-hull with a 't' fitting.
From the pump, I split off a 't' to a rear wash down hose and nozzle.

For the anchor washdown, I snaked a 1/2 inch old garden hose through the bilge all the way to the bow. I had to drill through one bulkhead, then resealed it with a polyurethane sealant. I suppose 1/2 inch cuts the flow a little from 3/4.
I brought the hose up into the anchor locker where the anchor line lays. Joined hose to a ribbed flex dishwasher output hose. That ribbed hose I passed through a PVC fitting glued into the deck. The ribbed hose can easily pull up maybe 6 feet and go back down, so it slides in and out for storage. A screw on type walmart hose end is attached to the ribbed dishwasher hose (they have rubber ends which happened to fit with a little cutting a hose end). Then onto a quick disconnect fitting that has a turn valve and the plastic nozzle.

I still find the chesapeake bay mud to be like a sticky glue, so I may have to push it off manually. I was able to do this project for very low cost, which is why I did so, otherwise I don't know if I would have.

Here is a picture in the bow. I guess I left a coil here since at the time was not sure how well that dishwasher discharge hose would work.

I used this for a quick disconnect up on deck. Camco 20103 Quick Hose Connect with Shutoff Valve: Automotive

I already had this pump on the boat when I bought it back in 1998.
To me it is an outrageous pump price. It does work pretty good. i replaced the impeller with one made by Globe. I would have never bought this pump myself.

If anyone gets one, make sure the impeller and shaft are greased up so it can not rust into the motor shaft. I had to torch and cut off the old SS impeller core from the shaft. Awful, just terrible. I had to use a core drill to cut out the rubber first.
The OEM seal is no good for long life. It will leak and lock impeller to motor shaft.
I got an all rubber seal for a few dollars, then I replaced the metal spring with an o-ring. It has been trouble free now for years.
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Our vessel has 5 anti siphon loops. One for each engine, two for heads when valves switched to pump directly overboard/out bottom and one for holding tank discharge.

The engine's spill over point to the Centeks on the vessel are low in relation to WL, similar to a sailboat setup.

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