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Use of Brominating Tablets in AC Strainer

The previous owner of our boat used brominating tablets in the AC strainer. Boat was located in Florida. Do others use these brominating tablets and if so how often do you fill up the strainer? Our boat is in Mississippi this summer and I have put 6 or so tablets in the strainer but after a week or so they have dissolved. Not sure if this is a weekly thing or is once a month enough? Thanks for any suggestions!!

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If your A/C is on 24/7 you'll need to replace those tabs quite regularly.

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Anywhere in Mississippi if you are planning to keep barnicals away its at least weekly of not bi-weekly. When we were there we could get by weekly while away if we ran the stand alone de-humidifier with the air set around 80 degrees. You will still get barnicals in the scoops so either a diver or island trip needed often. However the tablets will keep them out of the water discharge lines.

Our first year in Point Cadet without the tablets weekly, barnicals grew inside the hoses within a foot or so of the AC units. One hose was almost 25' long with the rascals as far up as 20'!
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I understand using some copper pipe fittings in the basket will do the same.

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I used them for years while in Tampa. Only put a few tablets in during every cleaning around once a week during the peak season, It reduced barnacle and sea growth significantly.

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Thank you for the replies. I will continue with the weekly schedule, Didn't know about the barnacles, etc. Just thought it had to do with odor. I am glad I asked!! Dick

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