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Some "accumulators" that are about the size of a quart of milk have NO diaphram.

Over time the air is absorbed , so they must be repressured .

Drain the water , then hook it back up , is all you can do.

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Sure sounds like the accumulator is not working. This means it is full of water or the membrane is punctured. If your accumulator has a Schrader valve, then try this: switch off the power to the pump and open any faucet. Allow water to stop flowing and leave faucet open. Connect a 12 volt air pump with pressure gauge to the valve and switch it on. Some water will flow from faucet. If reading on pressure gauge increases and HOLDS when air pump is turned off then you have recharged the accumulator. If it drops down to zero, the diaphragm is toast.

BTW: in my experience the little black plastic accumulators DO have a diaphragm inside. The above procedure works with them too.

If all else fails, read the instructions
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If you want city type constant pressure, you put a pressure regulating valve between the pump and accumulator and the rest of the system. The regulating valve is adjusted to house pressure (about 35psi) and the pump switch is adjusted to 45/60psi. You need a pump that can deliver 6-10 gallons a minute at 45psi, plumbing to the pump suction of 1", maybe 1-1/2", and probably 3/4" plumbing until you get close to faucets. Also the air psi of the accumulator tank needs to be higher.
I use a shallow well pump with a pressure regulator adjustable to 45/60.
All the accumulator tanks I have seen are good to 100psi.
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Pumped more air into the accumulator and it does work better.

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