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Originally Posted by bilge53 View Post
I hope you did not take that first hand. Please tell us you found it on the net or photo shopped it. That is the stuff nightmares are made from.
Yes, I was the one behind the camera.

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Oh sad just sad.........Funny though!

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Gives new meaning to tight quarters.
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...or bitter end.
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Anybody ever fail to hold the pumpout vacuum hose firmly onto the deck fitting? Very bad to clutz the job! Moving poo has mass!

Don't inquire how I know...
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Hired a guy to pump out our mess. He could only get out 20 or so gal. Thought it was a vent hose problem. WRONG!! Ended up replacing all hoses, new pump & cleaned the tanks. I found LARGE pieces of plastic in the hoses, pump & tank. Tried rebuilding the pump, no bueno. HAIR - LONG HAIR was in everything.

What I suspect is the PO'S sent the hair down the crapper along with some broken plastic. The plastic & hair jammed the pump bad. Back flushing didn't work. While the guy was here we tried running the pump in the overboard side. That's when we realized the system was FUBAR.

I wanted to take a hammer to something - they weren't around.
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It's more likely that the hair and the plastic went into the toilet separately... the shower drain screen caught the hair, which went into the toilet instead of the trash can. The plastic pieces could have been an act of vandalism or stupidity on the part of a guest--possibly the same one who flushed the hair every time she showered or maybe a child--who broke something and flushed the evidence.

People--landlubber guests and even far too many boat owners--don't realize that although everything in a house is just an appliance, everything on a boat is a component in a system...and anything that's done to any one component impacts the whole system. So while flushing hair down a toilet on land isn't a big deal--it'll just go to the sewer, and even the plastic pieces too, if they're small enough--putting anything except quick-dissolve TP that hasn't passed through you (and sometimes even if it has!) into a marine toilet is a disaster in the making.
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I would be careful pressurizing with a hose from inside out. The discharge into the water in a harbor may cause some offense to some people, especially our local Sheriff's department!

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