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Transmission replacement

I currently have a 71c 10-17 velvet drive 2.1:1 transmission behind a perkins 6-354.

Unfortunatley the tranny is shot. There was a driver saver between the shaft and transmissiont that was shreaded,cause unknown but suspect hitting a submerged object. The trans has been destroyed also. Looking at alternatives, possibily replacing with a 72c same ratio, or sourcing another 71c. Anyone have any suggestions or experience with this set up?

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Destroyed as in case/ shaft damage?? These aren't nearly as available as one for a Chevy truck- so repair might be a better option??

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Do not see one with the same ratio but ebay has several rebuilt and used

velvet drive marine transmission | eBay
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The 71c is a very basic, well travelled machine. Behind the typical power of a Perkins 354, they typically last a long time. Yes, there are stronger transmissions out there, but if it were me on my own boat, I'd just replace like with like.

You can get an excellent rebuilds of this unit.
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When the Velvet drive went in the old boat I took it to a local transmission shop. Complete rebuild for $750.00 in 2011. I did the removal and installation.

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Stay w the BW and you probably won't need to raise your engine 2 to 4".

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Transmission replacement

If money was no object...Twindisc.

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Pretty sure the twin disc would have a different down angle than the 71c. Nothing like changing motor mounts and everything else to get 30 years out of the next build instead of 25.
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If the dimensions will work, the 72 is a way beefier trans.
If you hit something solid enough to wreck the drivesaver, you would know it, and your prop would be a pretzel. The drivesaver is intended to protect your tranny from such trauma.
Things like poor alignment, or bolts falling out of the coupling can wreck a drivesaver. The transmission failure may have occurred later, after the seals gave up and all the oil leaked out.

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