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I use Raritan's 4 tank monitor system, it works fantastic on my 2 Poly fresh water tanks, I set it upon installation and it has been accurate for 5 years. However the poop tank not so good it's all over the map. I find as the deposits build up from the heads discharge into the tank it reads too full. I should have installed the foil and sensors on the opposite side of the tank so it's an installation error not a defective Raritan problem. I'll eventually move it before selling the boat.

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I put a wema sending unit in a couple years ago because of recommendations of others and it has worked without problem.

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Originally Posted by IntervaleII View Post
You mat want to try Wema Guages. Very reliable and reasonably priced. They also have a good tech department. They have a facility in Ft Lauderdale.

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Our WEMA water sensor/gauge reads full when full, almost empty when half full. That's not a particularly thorny problem, since I know about it, and since we have a way to actually eyeball the tanks.

The holding tank sensor sometimes get's stuck -- like when the tank is dead empty after a pump out, and it sits empty for several days -- although a good THWACK! on the tank with a rubber mallet usually breaks it loose. Not so easy to get to, in our case...

It helps to actually eyeball a full tank -- at the tank -- and compare that with what the gauge says, so you know how to interpret the reading. Our holding tank is full when the gauge needle hits the top of the middle white area, i.e., BEFORE the gauge needle enters the red zone.

These are the new (i.e., installed on my watch) stainless in-tank sensors. The original plastic sensors were crapped out (so to speak) when we got the boat.


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