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RE: solid fuel heater?

IF you winter aboard , remember there may be no electric at the marinas for 5 to 10 days after a large ice storm.

The noisemaker intake should be at least 18 inches below the WL, as the area can easily have a foot of ice.

The "bubbler" system will free the pilings , but not usually the boat, and it too needs electric.

Plan on your heating system with this in mind.

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solid fuel heater?

albin43 wrote:

carl, thank you for the kind word and advice, i apperciate it. how warm do you keep the egg harbor? do you live aboard the trawler now? still own both boats? I hope you arnt heating both of them!!!

the major flaw with my heating system is that the most heating elements are in my salon, as heat rises that doesnt do too much good for the lower state room and galley. i seal off the forward v berth and head as they are not used.

my brother is looking at a 1979 marine trader 49... im looking forward to see how ends up heating that if he buys it.

this summer im going to re do some of me heating runs..
Hello Jakob, just a suggestion but it seems to me you have an airflow problem. I had a similar problem on a past boat, and as you have, I went through all the heating options including the electric blanket, the admiral was just about to abandon ship when I bought a copy of "The Warm Dry Boat". With this book I learned that the reason the stateroom was so cold was because there was no airflow to draw the heat down there. So I installed one of those solar+battery electric fans and it really solved the problem for heating the stateroom. I installed it into the hatch above the bed and we never had a heating problem again. I can't say if you will save any money with this arrangement, but for sure you will get better heat distribution throughout your boat, so probably you will get better bang for your heating buck. It also solved any condensation issues on our boat, which I suspect you may also be experiencing. Looking back, we spent a lot more money on that boat than we should have, but we always refer to that fan as the single biggest improvement we made.


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RE: solid fuel heater?

We have a solid fuel stove on board- lit it up on the hard to dry out the hull interior- well, tried to- before some work recently. Looks very salty with the small chimney through the deck, but wouldn't rely on it for more than ambience and take the chill off in our "mild winters". Wouldn't remove it though.
Just a thought.
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RE: solid fuel heater?

Old Stone wrote:

" Jakob - We are in City Island, a little island in the Bronx (you would never believe it is NYC) at the western entrance of Long Island** Sound. "


"City Island"* caught my attention because I just recently caught an indie comedy by that name, about a family that lives there. Never heard of the place before that, tho not a NY'er of course.

Great little movie if you all haven't seen it.** A Netflix "instant view" for those who have a little time on their hands.

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