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A slight list to stbd.

o/k .. I can't figure it out ! Quite often the boat has a slight list to starboard when at the slip ( according to the bubble it's about 2 deg. and it clearly shows at the waterline stripe ) It's a twin with two fuel tanks and water tanks that are cross connected ( and open ) and the heavy stuff ie. Batteries, Gen. are all in the centre. The only thing that I can think of is the galley fridge which is on the starboard side ....... could that be it ?? It's really not that big of a deal to me BUT why on occasion it's level .. ?

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Do you have a dingy? Is it possible some rain water collection may be happening then evaporating? Check starboard to see if anything could possibly collect water.

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we get a similar list when the current runs and pushes the boat away but the dock lines pull us back. How's the current? ever tie up port side to?
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Isolate your tanks.

If your fuel tanks and/or your water tanks are cross connected and valves are open, the levels will equalize. This is fine if your boat is perfectly balanced, but they never are.

What begins as a very slight list too small to notice, becomes bigger as the tanks on the high side start draining to the low side. The more this happens the more the boat lists. Within a day or two the boat is listing at a couple degrees.

Close your isolation valves and just draw off whatever side is slightly higher.
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This is exactly why I think it is wrong to leave tanks cross-connected, be they fuel or water, though fuel is likely more consequential. As stated above, if the vessel is out of trim and cross tank flow occurs, flow will continue (theoretically) from the high side to the low side, potentially overflowing one tank while partially draining the other. This can happen underway just as likely as at the dock. Of course the other side of the coin, while under way it is important to make sure fuel return goes back to the tank from whence it came, or this could also cause an overflow!!.
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My solution to listing at the dock is to move something heavy to the high side. Extra anchor and chain, extra oil, etc.

Fiddling with fuel or water valves all the time is too much bother.
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Bigger boats may require quite a bit of gear movement....balancing tanks may be easier for some.

2 degrees is noticeable but can be cause by current and wind under the right circumstances and tie up. Might be easier to live with till you find the actual cause before jumping through hoops....
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AusCan is right about the tanks enlarging the problem. Besides there are many other good reasons for not leaving the tanks interconnected.
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How about this?

Fill all the tanks to full. Now, see if you have a list. If you do, correct it by moving items like anchors around.

Once you get your boat balanced, any change will be caused by uneven fuel or water levels in the tanks.

My boat has three seats on the flybridge. The helm is in the center so someone is always sitting there while underway. To keep tank levels equal, I make sure the port seat is occupied half the time and the starboard seat is occupied the rest of the time.

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