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I tried to get a appliance dealer come about 2 miles and check out my Raritan ice maker, he told me they don't work on boats. A boater friend at the marina fixed it for free, just a adjustment.

Ron on Northern Lights II
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"I tried to get a appliance dealer come about 2 miles and check out my Raritan ice maker, he told me they don't work on boats."

I'm not called a DEALER. Dealers make their money SELLING appliances, they don't work on them. They'll only do warranty work, and they contract that out to a REPAIR/SERVICE business who's "factory authorized" (translation: "gets paid") to work on that/those brand(s). So of course they're not gonna send anyone to a boat to look at an out-of warranty icemaker they don't even sell!

But this time you got was a minor problem that a dockmate knew how to fix for nothing.

Next time any of you need a repair on an appliance that can "cross over" to home appliances, look in your yellow pages for "appliance REPAIR" companies (NOT dealers!!!!) ....they work on appliances that are OUT of warranty. They WILL work on appliances on boats...and anywhere else long the appliance is a brand name they recognize and can get parts for. The honest ones will tell you if it's not cost effective to repair it.

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Originally Posted by seasalt007 View Post
The PO made a big deal of saying he got it from Defender and although expensive they were the best deal. Me thinks fib. About an hour ago a guy told me to look inside the cabinet for the sticker which has date of manufacture. I just got back from the boat and if I read it correctly it was made in April 2006.

It was a local tech that is known to Raritan, has Raritan listed on his business card and was recommended by some of my fellow boat club members as having fixed their Raritans. Short of taking it off the boat and driving it to Ft. Lauderdale it was the best that I could do.

Did you ever get this fixed ?? I got one to work on next week with a dead compressor, just curious, wish I was closer, I am turning into a refrigeration junkie as a hobby
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Yes, I got it fixed. It needed a new ice cuber and a thermostat. $390.00 more added to the $90 that I paid to have it diagnosed.

No choice really as nothing else will neatly fit in the cabinet.

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