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PVC or ABS-PVC for long head line runs

I am in the process of changing all of my head lines. Most of them are long runs so I want to use PVC or ABS for most of the run with 101 hose on both ends. I went to the HW store today and found that they have schedule 40 PVC and schedule 40 ABS. They say ABS is normally used for sewar lines. Does anyone have recommendations/experience with these two types of similar lines.

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Used ABS for this purpose for about 20 years, never a smell, never a problem.

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Ironically I am in the process of doing this as my project on the Ocean Alexander right now. I went sch.40 PVC after lots of research. ABS isn't as strong as PVC. PVC is not subject to odor permeation, you can also use gray PVC electrical conduit and there are some different sweeps available in conduit. Make sure you use primer and glue. Keep the hose runs short, clean the burr's off the cuts and you will be really happy.

I hope to finish my system tomorrow.. the Admiral is tired of me coming home smelling like crap.

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Either would be acceptable for the task. My personal preference is PVC. PVC sch 40 DWV(drain waste vent) fittings are available for change of direction, avoid using standard PVC fittings as they do not have the radius or smooth bore you need in DWV applications. As stated above do not forget to use primer and remove interior burrs.

ABS has no primer requirement and DWV is the only pattern the fittings are sold in. Either material holds up better over time properly supported. If using metal strapping be sure to protect the pipe with a couple wraps of 10 mil pipe wrap to avoid damage from thermal expansion and contraction.

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Thanks for all of the replys. My runs go through cross stringers about every 3 to 4 feet. I will need to probably couple two or three section of pipe to complete the run. The holes through the cross stringers are about 3 inch wide sleaved openings and are in some cases impossible to get to. Do I need to do additional support than the openings through the cross members? Pipe wrap? Not familiar with that. Is that something you can get at Lowes?
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I would pack the pipe every stringer to prevent vibration noise if nothing else. I would also install several flexible rubber coupling in strategic locations to enable pipe removal in case of blockage or to enable future modification, without cutting the pipe. If you ever need to cut the pipe, you will need the flexible couplings to put it back together anyway. My two cents...
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I ran sch 40 pvc from my new holding tank to just below the deck pump out fitting. About 7 foot run or so. Final 18 inches is hose. Made sure the run was on a slant all the way, with 45 degree fittings. Also put in a coupling near the tank to allow removal, etc. Reinforced the run were ever I could get to it. Has worked well this year. Original set up had a horizontal hose in the bilge running about 10 feet, then vertical to the pump out port. No wonder it smelled so bad in there.


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