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Norcold TEK 11, did I kill it?

Big dumb me went on an accelerated defrosting mission of the frig with a knife to chip off ice. and you guessed it; nipped one of the freezer coils w/ Freon hissing out.
Question, can this be repaired or do I dump it and spend 1 1/2 boat dollars on a new one?

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I think it can be repaired, but finding someone that will do it is the big problem. Call some of the shrimp/fish houses and see who they use for their refrigeration service. That's how I found a A/C tech to recharge and ck my A/C.

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This has happened long time agoo to me aswell. I sanded the spot and putted a drip of Araldite on the spot. After about one week i had the system filled with Freon again. This repair lasted for over 6 years till when I sold the boat.
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I imagine it can be brazed. Then it will need to be vacuumed to get out any moisture and refilled.
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Common hassle , no big deal.
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