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If tapping then be real careful, since a dent will jam the valve.
I also have energised the valve manually, good test to hear the click.
Using a heat gun would also be worth trying to unstick if stuck.
This thing is a magnetic sliding valve. I almost never hear of this valve failing on a home heat pump. The new units do cycle the valve at cooling startup.

My question is, on the Cruisair 3 knob control.
If the system is running AC cooling, and you rotate the temp to hot, that will switch the valve over. Does the moving refrigerant having inertia flow with a sudden flow reversal cause stress to the system? Is that a problem?
Should you turn it off then switch to heat first?

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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
See the valve in the center of the coils?
Thanks Capt. Bill. I think I can find that.

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The valve is a round tube with three copper lines out the top and one line out the bottom.the center line is the suction line the bottom line is the discharge side. When in cool,the center line carriers the freon to the evap coil thru the line left or right of it. The bottom line carriers the freon from the compressor thru the valve to the water cooled coil. When in heat, the lines switch and the hot gas goes to the air handler(heat) the suction gas goes to the water coil . The valve has a electric (120v/220v) coil that magnetically pushes/pulls the valve to one side or the other. If the valve stays in one location for to long it may get stuck. or go to a 1/2 way position, causing the unit to try to do both cooling/heat. Most home a/c heat pump have the valve work in the cooling mode as this works the valve on every cycle. If you have a stuck valve ,tap it lightly, or cycle it electrically. And yes, if you turn the knob from cool to heat the valve will switch. There is a dead band between cool and heat.(2-3 degrees) so the unit willn't short cycle.

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