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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post
I don't remember you being there
Didn't have to be...have installed and used enough on commercial boats to know what they are really can whack them with a 10 pound sledge and they are fine....

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Originally Posted by Andy G View Post
What exactly does service and maintenance on a brass seacok entail? .
This link has been posted before by me and others. For anyone interested in the full process of restoring a bronze seacock here is a pretty good photo essay on how to do it.

Depending on the size of your screen the article you want is in the second or third row down, "Servicing tapered cone seacocks."

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A number of years back I serviced all the seacocks on "my" vessel. As I recall, 18 both above and BWL. Most just needed a solvent cleaning and re-grease. The two main engine seacocks most probably had NEVER been out since installation since there was a stringer in the way that did not allow barrel removal. A 3" hole saw took care of that. I lapped those two with valve compound as described above, greased and re-installed. Now, I used wheel bearing grease and I found out afterwords that this was not recommended due to a component of the grease being incompatible with the bronze. All work just fine and I no longer need to use the "torque multiplier" piece of pipe the previous owner needed to cycle the engine seacocks.
As to Marelon...NO experience what-so-ever.

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marelon, seacocks

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