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I would have expected the stainless steel fittings to be stronger than any of the options discussed. Surely just wrapping the threads with a couple of turns of Teflon tape gets rid of the electrical contact, dissimilar metals issue?

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Tape might, but often does not keep continuity from happening.

People said they tried it with their pencil zincs to stop leaks but still got 0 ohms.

If the combo is tied to the bonding system, much like your bronze prop and stainless shaft, it shouldnt matter.

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It takes luck and a lot of tape to prevent electrical current from passing through a thread fitting, especially one with tapered threads.
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I had some luck recently with these folks making items I couldn't find elsewhere.
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I've run into this before. While you may not find a hose barb, you should be able to find a reducer which will allow you to go up to say 1/2 and just go with the next size hose up. At least I think so. Basic fittings are easier than the barbs. No idea why.

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