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Limited DC air conditioning

Yes it is here , the US and Euro air police and their anti ideling laws have created a market for DC air cond.

Dometic (the RV folks) have units and if you Google dirna , this is a euro co. that is now exporting small DC units to Canada.

Might be hard to cool an entire boat , but a unit in the PH for day use and a second in a sleeping cabin might work.

With a bunch of house batts, a boat that is cruising with a second big alt , might be able to recharge last nights cool, and provide today's cool while running.

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RE: Limited DC air conditioning

Are these truly effective in cooling? *I would add more solar panels to charge my batteries. *here in Florida, not using them is a crime. *We used them on a prior boat to charge our house batteries and they worked great. *MY Captain has mentioned using these many times.!

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RE: Limited DC air conditioning

A BTU is a BTU, weather it is removed bu DC or AC doesn't matter.

IF the unit is big enough to work for the area you wish to cool , it should work.

Remember the DC units on trucks usually have small sleeping areas to keep cool , and the truck will have 150+ alts , and an 8 to 10 hour run time daily to recharge the battset.

OF course many trucks will be sleeping during the daytime , and only operating at night , so the heat load on the truck will be fairly high.

Remember many of these units will need a large DC supply , solar gets expensive if you need 40-50A .
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