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Rick RTFM - my 1st post on the subject.
The 1st sentence of your quote of my post above covers it quite well.

An old fish-finder/depth sounder does not work like you are stating. Hold a transducer above your beer and see how it works. Dip in the water then get back to us.

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Transducer would have to be at the bottom facing upwards right?

While we are overthinking this, let's not forget through air and guided wave level transmitters to be used from the top of the tank.

Maybe there can be a use for my old Sitex radar...


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OK Boaten Folks - Here's the scoop!

I spoke with Ike at Sonix Corp (see his email below). Their general type sending units do not work well with gasoline. From his inflections I took it that it may actually pose danger. We also discussed utilizing transducer from depth sounder and he seemed reticent to comment positive or negative on that item, although, in our discussion it did seem he agreed with what SaltyDog mentioned in post # 33. Before I do anything for utilizing electrically or mechanically produced sound waves as tank level readers there is more research to accomplish. Particularally pertaining to gas-fume safety, level accuracy, and simplicity of installation/use. Also, Ike mentioned he felt there was little to no units such as we discussed on the market for pleasure boats. Makes me wonder why?? Simple units should not be too expensive to manufacture... is there a marketing niche here waiting to be accosted! - lol

Plan to let you know if I learn more of interest bout all this! - Art

Dear Art:

Thank you for visiting our web site, we appreciate your interest in our products. Our products are frequently used on all kinds of boats and ships. The issue here is the cost. Our lowest cost product is Sonix-40, which is $880 [per tank]. Sensor for gasoline tank would be too high to even mention.

I will be happy to answer your questions.

Best Regards,

Ike Cagan

Automated Sonix Corp.
Tel: 941-964-1361
Fax: 941-964-2902
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Originally Posted by Art View Post
........... We also discussed utilizing transducer from depth sounder and he seemed reticent to comment positive or negative on that item, ...........
In my experience, a traditional depth sounder does not work through air and if it did, it would read the depth of the tank, not the level of the contents.
It's probably best to use products for what they were designed to be used for.

Looking at some of these products on the Internet, it seems they are overkill. Do you really want to spend $1K to measure the level in your poop tank?

Want to think outside the box? Mount the tank on an electronic scale and use the weight to determine the level of the contents.

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holding tank, tank level

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