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Fresh water tank chatter

My fresh water on my DF 49RPH has started making a chattering noise in the lines after the accumulator. It started after I topped off one of my tanks.

There are two 175 gallon fresh water tanks located under and forward of the master berth with a cross over line for leveling and site gauge tubes on each tank all controlled with shut off valves.

The accumulator appears to hold pressure at 20lbs and it does not appear to have an issue with the bladder.

I have opened all the faucets with the pump off and then closed all from the lowest up to the highest with the pump back on and that helped a little bit.

When the chattering noise happens, as the pump refills the accumulator it helps if I crack a faucet anywhere on board which eliminates the noise.

Suggestions from others who have had a similar expierence would help.

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Sounds to me like the volume of air in the accumulator is too small or gone..

Draining it if it has no diaphragm , or replace it if it does.

The larger the accumulator the better it will work.

AS a last resort a second accumulator at the end of a plumbing run will work.

This can be as simple as a piece of tubing that continues up the run as is capped to hold air. This approach is common in many homes.
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