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Force 10 bbq grill

I have a Force 10 model 83800 propane bbq grill on the bridge of my boat. The unit is pretty rough as the previous owner did not take care of it. I have been told this model grill was used on several brand boats but i'm having trouble finding one. It was built in so a direct replacement would be nice. I understand Force 10 was sold and the new company does not make this model,,any ideas?

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I have no idea to share for your BBQ conundrum though am certain someone here will soon. But had to chime in just to say I absolutely love your boat name and wish I had thought of it!

Welcome to the forum.


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Force 10 grill

I also have a Mainship 40 with the same grill. Mine actually caught on fire, but was easily contained. I did quite a bit of research and made a few phone calls and found the same information as you. Company is gone and resold twice. No drop in replacement available anywhere that I could find. I scavenged parts from another grill and installed them in the old frame, hooked up to the LP tank and it does not work. Maybe a bad solenoid? I think that I will probably get the Weber 100 with small propane bottles and be done with it. Sure would have been nicer and easier with a drop in replacement though. Ken
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I found their website:
FORCE 10 - Cooking Without Compromise - Contact Us

They used to be in Richmond, B.C.
What the cover company is who knows but maybe the above can help unless you already have been there.

Too bad if the cover co. has let them go to heck although that often happens. They used to be a good mfg. with a good rep.
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Is there a connection between Force 10 and Kuuma? I recall ordering a Force 10 water heater years ago and later looking at a Kuuma that looked identical in every way but the name. Did Kuuma take over some Force 10 products? Look at their grills to see if there's something close to what you now have.
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City: St. Francisville, La.
Country: USA
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Force 10 grill

Force 10 sold to Kuuma who in turn sold to some RV outfit in South Carlina. I talked to them on the phone and they evidently do not make the Force 10 grill anymore and are just doing aftermarket RV stuff now. I also talked to the group in St. Augustine, Fla. who used to assemble the Mainships and was told that the Force 10 grill installed on the Mainships had had many complaints anyway. Hopefully someone somewhere will find a drop in replacement, or I'm sure that some "handy" guy could fabricate his own. Good luck. Ken

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