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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
What I currently do after a while is sit at 45 degrees with my foot stretched out against the bulkhead, wedging myself into the corner.
My brother use to do that in an angry sea & it not only kept him in place, he said that it helped with sea sickness as well.


My passion for improving my boat(s) exceeds my desire to constantly cruise them.
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Thanks Eric. Roughwater switched from all wood, to FG hull and wood from the deck up sometime in the early 70's, so what you are seeing is painted wood. Roughwaters have an interesting story and are solid boats.

Both the benches are fixed to the wall then swing up and a single post installed for support. There are two hatch doors that swing open in the pilot house floor for good access to the engine room. The port side seat would have to be in the down position for this. It takes all of 10-15 seconds to lower the seats.

(btw, that's not me in the picture, it's a good friend and crew member)

Dave & Suzie - Roughwater 35
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Originally Posted by Max Simmons View Post
I know this has been covered before, but search does not come up with what I am looking for. I would like to build a folding helm seat for the lower station. As it is now, I either stand or sit on the galley counter. I want to mount it on the end of the galley base cabinet and to fold down out of the way so we can still go in and out the side cabin door, but would like it substantial enough to be comfortable for operating below for hours. Anyone have pics of what they've done? Thanks
Max, as promised, pics of my folding helm set-up. From what you describe, this sort of arrangement might be what you are looking for. I don't feel the need for a seat belt, but you can get tossed around a bit, and like someone else mentioned, I sort of wedge myself in against the door and seatback if it's rough, and it is quite a stable position. I beefed up the seat after it worked loose after some open ocean stuff over new year, especially as it only has one supporting bracket, albeit a stout bronze one, which swings out horizontally from a position back against the bulkhead to which the seat is attached. It then supports the middle of the seat, where it sits under a wooden fitting which prevents if swinging out past mid way. I think you can see this in the view looking up from below. The other pics are self-explanatory. Sorry the state of my woodwork is not quite so elegant as most, she is a 1975 vintage, and has been well-used.
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Before starting my cruise, I saw many helms and did not know of its importance. I now know, after sitting for more than 12 hours. is very important to be comfortable and not simply that of seating.

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Great ideas- I have no helm seat lower station due to mods made by previous owners who were in FLA. and always drove from the upper station. Here on the wet coast I cant always do that. I have some drawings done but will probably modify them now that I have seen this thread....someone mentioned another I dont have enuf boat projects already!!
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Another idea leaves a traditional seat or bench behind. Not only do they take up considerable space even when folded, but the design has a bit of complexity. Its doable obviously. But on some boats I have seen even folded down you have to squeeze past them to get through your companionway.

But the other thought is what's called a "leaning post". Its a bolster that props up under your derriere. Heck, you could make the same out of the top of a small padded stool. I have had leaning posts on center console boats in the past, and if I had to guess I can place almost 100% of my weight on it if its the right height, but feet still contact the cockpit sole to steady you. It could be made to hinge back against whatever you have aft of your wheel...kind of like a folding dinner tray does on X legs. Then just drill a hole in those legs to put a pin though in the folded and open positions so it doesn't go anywhere.

Heck, a dinner tray might work if the legs were remade to actually support weight, though I would probably narrow it down. If not there are plenty of commercially available leaning posts of all sizes.

I find that I never actually use the back of a bench or seat anyway if my hands are on the wheel, and honestly being strapped in a seat in bad weather isn't a pleasing thought unless my feet were actually planted too. Never know when you may have to reach for something.

I know when I get around to redoing my lower helm its getting a leaning post that folds out of the way.
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On large commercial vessels I've seen bicycle seats mounted on a sturdy post used by the helmsman. Don't know how useful they are, but their footprint would be relatively small. A variation on aronhk's leaning post idea I think.
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Exactly Conrad, that would be the simplest version, but quite useful when you think about standing for hours. One of my thoughts was a barstool padded seat about 10" across. It could be mounted to 2" aluminum tubing to either swing back against a solid structure behind it or insert into sockets mounted on that same structure behind. If just mounted into sockets the whole thing could use pins or wing nuts to hold together....disassemble and store in a compartment. The sockets are often used in making railings, and party tents, as well as stainless versions for bathroom use for the elderly or disabled

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