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firefighting/super bilge pump

Back when I was in the Navy many years ago.. we had something called P-250 pumps.... I always wondered if they could be procured privately..

and now I know the answer is yes... which makes me wonder how one of these remote start units would work on board.... hmmmm.

a bit pricey for just an inquisitive project... but I wonder...


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In the fire dept we used Honda portable pumps. They were always used heavily every spring when half the town had flooded basements. The other half did not have basements. Worked well for putting out the occasional bassboat fire with an AFFF nozzle.

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Hey, I'll tell you what else I like about them is the 250 GPM model with the Yanmar 10 HP diesel. I could slave it as a get-home unit.

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Having had to use both a P-250 (I'm ex-navy) and Honda banjo pump in a dewatering situation, I'll take the Honda thanks.

When I lived in Alberta and working agriculture, the Hondas would hibernate in the snow. Once the snow melted, we'd check the fuel level by shaking it and pull the cord once or twice to start.
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The cheapest and simplest today for folks with 120V available is probably a home well or lawn irrigation pump.

In 1 1/2 or 2 inch they will move a massive amount of water.

The new $125-$175 or so at Sears are mostly plastic in the pump parts .

These keep line pressure internally , so probably would only have to be primed on initial start up.

These are NOT TRASH pumps like the Hondas , so can labels and construction debris in the bilge could be a hassle.

If cost for the deck wash /fire pump,/ emergency bilge pump is a consideration this would be lots cheaper than an Edson 30gpm ,1800GPH real bilge pump.
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