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Let's look at this from a system standpoint. The engine(s) create the heat - so running them less or possibly at lower loads might help. Getting other sources of heat (water heater?) out of the ER might help.

Increasing the cooling capacity might help. Higher capacity pumps? More freely flowing intakes? Rodding the heat exchangers? Boat in cooler water?

Then turn to cooling and insulating the ER as others have mentioned. Turn on blower(s) when ER temp goes over ambient temp. Pull air from cooler area (adjacent bilge?). Increase air exchanges.

If engine cooling is ample, consider insulating the engine directly with a blanket. Insulate particular sources of radiant heat (exhaust, turbos, hot water lines, etc.)

Look for a way to pull heat with engine shut down. Perhaps circulate cooling water with electric pump on a bypass.

Lots of these ideas would rely on knowing the absolute - and relative - temperatures of air and water inside and outside boat, so the project should probably start with some instrumentation and recording in a variety of conditions.

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Well, the engine is gonna be around 180, no matter how hard you do or dont run it. The engine/gear are huge heat sinks, no way around it. More cooling for them wont make a difference. Insulating the ER will help, IF, you can move the hot air out. If not it just migrates thru to the cooler living area, funny thing about heat, it goes toward the cool Big fans, inny and outy, help tremendously. I use 8, 10 inch automotive type radiator fans in my sporty. It has 8v92 DDs, 5000 lb heat sinks. 4 fans are pulling air in, 4 are blowing air out. My aircons dont have to work as hard now.
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I don't notice the engine heat unless opening the hatches and especially when entering the engine compartment. Quickest way to loose the heat for me is to open the pilothouse doors and the engine-access hatches in the pilothouse floor. Saloon and bedroom are below the level of the pilothouse so the heat escapes. Have an engine-compartment exhaust fan, but that's a very slow way to remove the heat. The engine compartment has good sound insulation and that provides heat insulation too.

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