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If required to operate with a thermostat , not constant run, most of these units work far better with kerosene than diesel.

As real cold weather will be 3+ gallons per day a winter liveaboard should be figuring just where a 30+ gallon gravity can fit.

Sail boats can simply lay a bladder tank on deck for the winter or in the aft lazerette .

Sure its nice to use a huge fuel tank of diesel .all winter.

It might be the first time its emptied in years , and 5 gal jugs get heavy on a snow filled dock, but having it operate all winter trumps the hassle

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I ended up using the small plastic "day tank" that came with the Planar. For testing, I filled it with kerosene. I'm working now on a fuel transfer system that will include the ability to draw and return from/to any of my four diesel tanks, with a 3-way valve that will also allow me to return to my heater day tank.

Still, I think I'll keep kerosene in the tank except when I'm using the system regularly, because I've heard so much about these units running cleaner that way, and replacement parts have to come from Russia.

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