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Originally Posted by Al View Post
I'd ask a facilitator to determine if the following is a "New Thread" or fits the current conversation.
To day I received my latest issue of Norther Tool catalog. In the heating section there is the following article offered as a duel heating opportunity. Propane and electric wall mounted heater:

ProCom Vent-Free Trifuel Blue Flame Wall Heater ó 25,000 BTU, Model# MTF300TBA-B | Dual-Fuel: Gas Propane Heaters| Northern Tool + Equipment

the price is friendly at $269.00. That it doesn't require venting or chimney It does however, state that a 100# tank supply be used. Not familiar to what that means, except as a pressure factor?
What makes this attractive in a conversational way is the price for the unit and what the unit does. Yes, this is a house hold item, yet many times one sees items of non-marine use that are useable just not nomenclatured for marine use or if so, the price is increased. You see it in battery chargers, "Goop", anchor chain, paint and so forth, you get the picture. Having said that, outside of the tankage requirement, what say you the forum to the use of this unit in place of many hundreds of dollars of propane wall mounted boat heaters? That and the ability to fire up the gen set and have electrical heat on demand. Just saying the concept seems worthy.

Particularly as I am in the thralls of installing a DT30 Wallas at near $2 grand (invoke humor here!)

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Pressure in a 20# bottle is the same as a 100# in the static state.
Requiring a 100# bottle has to do with the discharge rate of vapor(from the bottle) required to operate the 25,000 BTU heater. The higher rates of vapor discharge drops the pressure required to keep the propane in a liquid state and freezes up the smaller cylinders.
I suspect you would not be happy with this heater running off a 20# bottle.


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Thanks Anode- Not a big proponent of propane. With over 150 inch average rainfall you can understand wanting 'Dry' hear. As it is I use an overly amount of joy on the windows dealing cooking.


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