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Same type of pump used in IV equipment. Don't they use something similar to pump most liquid milk?

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Originally Posted by aronhk_md View Post
If you don't use a sump is there much buildup of soap scum, etc? I know in my case if I had to make a choice between bilge and sump I'd choose bilge area midships is approx. 30 ft x 16 and the aluminum hull is coated with foam...could be a mess. Would be much easier to clean a sump. Heck, you can make a sump out of one of those plastic 55 gallon barrels they use to hold pickles, etc. I see them on craigslist all the time for $10-$20.

Always wondered if they could be used for freshwater on board instead of buying expensive freshwater tanks...I should ask what others think.

Haven't had any issues yet, as I clean the bilge on a regular bases, easy access. I guess my reluctance to installing a shower sump is all the problems I hear and read about.

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Water casks are very traditional on boats with no rating up to 64 guns!

Usually a yard would have a sling to bring it on deck, another to lower it into the hold.

Magellan would love plastic to those old leaky casks !

Sumps,"all the problems I hear and read about.

The problems are soap scum , hair and other wash offs plugging the pump, or leaving a stink.

Sure is easier to take the pump and sump up on deck for a scrub out than your bilge!

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Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post
Shower sump,mmmmm. My shower drains into the forward bilge and the pump sends it overboard......
Mine would be like that, but they added a plastic box about 2 ft x 1 ft, about 8" high, open top. Both showers drain into that and there is a sump pump inside to pump it out.
It is right next to the fwd bilge pump, so if overflow, the bilge pump takes care of it.
Also, in case of bilge pump problem, shower sump will take of it.
nice redundancy adn keeps gray water separate.

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My Californian shower water is pumped overboard directly from the shower basin without a sump. Shower basin-hose-pump-hose-above water thru-hull. The pump is manually activated ON and OFF with a button in the shower stall shown below. No bilge water to empty, no sump clean, no float to fail.

I had to rebuild the pump recently with some help from my friends here on TF, but other than that, it's been hassle free. When I rebuilt the pump, it was clean as a whistle with no hair or scum. One of the rubber valves had failed.

If my shower emptied into the bilge, I'd consider modifying it to a sump-less system like this. Do sumps exist for any other reason than to support a float switch? If the right pump is used, it won't clog with hair and soap scum.

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Originally Posted by aronhk_md View Post
Same type of pump used in IV equipment. Don't they use something similar to pump most liquid milk?
We had a pump like that on the self serve milk where I worked (student union). We used 12 oz cups. I set the pump to deliver 7 oz when the button was pushed. It was interesting to see whether they pushed the button again (most did) and if they would take the cup out or let it overflow on the second try.
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Originally Posted by Marin View Post

I've only been personally familiar with one boat that simply dumps the shower water into the bilge for the bilge pump to send overboard. But bilge pumps never get everything and this boat did have a perpetual odor issue with the water in the bilge.
Maybe they forgot to put a "Don't pee in the shower" sign in the stall.
I'm thinking back to the poop signs discussed not long ago
Steve W.
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We had a sump box between the stringers in front of the engine with a rule pump and float switch, it always had odor.....cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and still had odor. I took the drain line from the shower/mini bathtub cut it and installed a small Whale Gulper pump inline to the overboard discharge line and wired a switch. Now it pumps out the tub directly overboard, no more odor, no sump box to clean. Been working great for 15 years.

Cheers Mike Barge
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Sidney, British Columbia.
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