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Another Electroscan tank blown up

This makes the second Electroscan tank that actually blew up. After talking with Raritan tech support it sounds like two things are causing the problem. Calcification of the waste water restricting the thru hull and the high water flow on of my Galley Maid heads. Also the Galley maid pumps are screw drive positive displacement pumps, they don't cavitate. The motors on these pumps look like truck starters. So I need to engineer a new system using modern toilets that use less than 1.5 gallons per flush and since I flush with sea water it would be nice to have a built in water pump as well. I have plenty of room so I would like some advice, real world experience with replacement heads. I would want a porcelain bowl, full size hight , quiet. What is the best head and what is the best value in an electric head?

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Scary, those Galley Maid toilets are really old tech. The toilet I'm hearing a lot of good things about is the Raritan Marine Elegance. Very reliable and should be much quieter that the Galley Maids. You can get them set up for fresh water flush, sea water flush, or you can switch between salt and fresh. They look good too.

I can't remember the bowl on the Galley Maid but I think the Raritan Sea Era Conversion Kit will work with it. That would save a few bucks.

Peggie Hall will probably spot this thread and know for sure if the Sea Eara conversion will work.

Parks Masterson
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We have had Raritan PH Crown electric, Sealand manual, Jabsco Quiet-flush, and Raritan Marine Elegance, and the Marine Elegance is our preference. Flushes better, quieter, more comfortable, uses less power and water and is easy to install. The Admiral says it is the best yet.
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You have the room , toss the electrasan and get a better commercial vessel style poop box and keep the great working galley maid setup.

Why change the heads when the flaw is the low flow poop box?

If you have the room for a gravity pipe to the holding tank, an RV unit will flush on the least water 1/2 pint or so and requires no electric.

Gravity is silent !
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I am with FF on the RV toilet that drops deep into the bilge where the macerator or high volume pump can be mounted in an accessible, convenient area.

Mine is... so it is very quiet and pumps to the electroscan easily.

I have my toilets hooked to a saltwater wash down system and pump.
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I sure am glad you guys know your S**+

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