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another Air conditioner question

I have three split systems, each condenser has its own evaporator. The condensing units are all located in the pump room side by side fed with one pump via a manifold but all have their own outlet These are Marineair / Cruiseair units.

All three systems have failed over the past year or so. Aside from all leaking R22? those wonderful crap steel pans they mount them on are totally rusted out. I want to replace them but have a couple of questions:

Besides redundancy, can anyone advise me why one would prefer a separate condenser unit for each evaporator versus a single large condenser for all?

Would there be any advantage to replacing them with 220V condensers versus 120V units.

I note Split systems are substantially more expensive then the integrated units, if I were to replace them with integrated units is there any reason I couldn't use my existing pump setup?

What refrigerant would one prefer or avoid in the new systems?

Sorry for all the questions, any thoughts much appreciated

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I had a split system once, but it served two evaporators. If you have the room to install integrated units, I don't see any advantages to split, and some disadvantages as the long Freon run can develop leaks.

Yes if set up right, three integrated systems can use one pump.

If you currently have three 120 V systems, there is no reason to change.

You don't get a choice in Freon. EPA dictates what you can use.


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I went with 3 single units, one pump.

Rarely run all 3 at once.

Advantage of single unit......if it has an issue I can't figure out, 1/2 hour and it is in the truck headed for the best local acr guy who charges half of the marine guys, no travel time and usually gets it right.
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A split-unit allows the evap section to be located anywhere it needs to be, with copper lines runnning to the condenser in the engine room . A single unit , it has to be located in the area needing cooling. If you change to three package units then you will have to run new water lines,drain lines,power and maybe duct work,and of course have room for the install. If you want one condenser with multiple air handlers you will have to have someone design it and install it. Most marine a/c company's will design a unit for you. This is something that is not available over the counter,but custom made for you .
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You mentioned the pans are rusting out -- suggest you get the water leaks addressed first. Possibly the rusting pans are rusting fittings too and causing freon/R22 leaks.
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Thanks o all for all the thoughts and advice. I am thinking now I might keep the aft unit a split due to the great distance from the pump room to run hoses but change the salon & forward from split to integrated units. These two are much closer (under 15 feet) so I don't think I would have to oversize the hoses and power is already there for the evaporators. Not sure about ducting changes yet,

Sunchaser, I hear you but leaks were corrected long ago. This was a design issue / problem with Cruiseair and Marinaire units or more likely, it was built in obsolescence. That is until an avalanche of complaints forced them to change to stainless and composite pans like their competitors.

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