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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
St. Brendan's Isle in Greensprings Cove
Green Cove Springs

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Green Cove Springs, Fl

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Thanks guys, I live on Green Springs Rd, which happens to be on a cove off the Neuse River.... whoops!

"There's the Right Way, the Wrong Way, and what some guy says he's gotten away with"
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I live in Green Cove Spring,fl in marina. My address on driver licence is the marina and my car/boat registration is the marina address. No problems. All my mail goes to that marina.
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St Brendens Mail Forwarding Service has been great BUT for some reason the government wants to make life difficult for vagabonds. Getting a primary care Dr. In network if you are not in Green Cove Springs can be a problem with the various Medicare plans. Now American Express wants a dirt static address because of government decree, though GCS can still be billing and shipping is whatever you designate. As mentioned earlier Drivers Licence sometimes has issues. I was refused auto insurance using Green Cove Springs by one company.

Good rule, do not tell government, insurance, credit card or any other company anything more than ask. Never admit to living aboard if you can avoid it. Green CS (411Walnut, 58th floor, my box is 58xx) now has a trigger in the Postal system that I have been called on. This seems to be recent. AMX said it was some Homeland thing and the Car Insurer caught it also.

Voting required a real stretch, ending in the Sect of State office, I won but finding competence was a chore. I provided Marina bills and other various documentation showing I was in Fort Pierce for the previous year but it took some juice to get around the Green CS drivers Licence address to vote in Fort Pierce.

Big brother is alive and well. Seems like personal business and minding your own business is a pleasant dream of the past. Sigh!

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