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Originally Posted by FF View Post
Why not ship a Laser Cutted Steel Plate Kit to Canada and weld it there together?

Especially if the boat is large , getting a boat with a 16 ft beam delivered down most roads would be very costly.

So build it lakeside and keep it there.
Far cheaper to email cut-files to Winnipeg and have the steel cut there.

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Dear Digits,

I'm afraid that I have entirely bad news for you.

First, the boat: Yes, Luxe barges are beautiful. No, they do not exist in North America. The canal era here was very short-lived, since most of the continent was settled after the invention of the railroad. And no, there are not any similar types of boats.

Second, living aboard: While it is possible to live aboard in certain places in Canada, primarily on the west coast, in general living aboard is legally and practically problematic.

Third, Manitoba: I spent several years living in Manitoba. I was back there 14 days ago. I stood on the shore of Lake Winnipeg and looked out at an unbroken expanse of ice. Yes, that's right, ice on May 11th. Ice that's 4 feet thick in the winter. When it's -30, without the wind chill. Ice that moves around with the wind, and just a few kilometers from where I was crushed entire houses:

Manitoba homes crushed as 9-metre high wall of ice slams into them | Canada | News | National Post

I assure you, there is no living on boats in the winter in Manitoba. Any by "winter" I mean "October 1st through June 1st".

Fourth, inter-lake navigation: While the main rivers (Red, Assinoboine) in Manitoba are navigable, almost every single lake is landlocked. There are some large lakes with geat boating (Lake Winnipeg, Lake Of The Woods) but boats have to be trailered between the lakes.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

Scott Welch
Island Eagle

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Hi Scott,

thank you for your clear message. Although not what I hoped for, certainly very helpful. I guess there's no need to sugercoat it.

I'm still hoping a golden alternative will appear

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While its not as nice from the anchored out privacy of a vessel, a good motorhome or 5th wheel might serve.

Many 5th wheels with 4 slide outs are large inside anf are constructed for severe weather.

If course these cost more (like a blue water boat compared to a brown water boat) , but they sometimes can be fiunf used.

Even used is expensive these days as the oil/gas boom in N Dakota is a hot spot for winterized units..

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