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Cruising there is more to see and visit than just the shore.

A cheap car with basic liability is inexpensive , although the cheapest is an older motor home, about $100 a year with progressive. The MH also doubles as a storage locker.

For a constantly moving vessel a car is not a delight , but stop for a month (cheapest dockage) and the vehicle will be very useful.

Driving 100 miles to visit or stay at a site or event is a delight, chasing parts less so but frequently needed..

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We have a couple folding bikes on board. If we were more serious about biking, we'd probably bag the "folding" idea and use "real" bikes, since we (at least almost) have space to do that.

And then we can do marina cars (if/when available), taxis, rides with friends or family who happen to visit where we happen to be, etc. Haven't ever done an Uber yet, but seems viable.

FWIW, there are some bike features we find useful, mostly about corrosion resistance, weight, comfort, and ability to haul stuff. Enthusiasts might care about gears. Mostly not difficult to solve, although the corrosion part usually wants a bit of attention.


South River, Chesapeake Bay
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We walk, taxi, or rental car, depending on the distance.
Steve W.
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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
We walk, taxi, or rental car, depending on the distance.
We do as well, and sometimes public transportation. Uber lacks presence in most of the areas we need transportation. They don't really cover many small towns.
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We walk, ride folding bikes, bus, Uber , cabs and rental cars. Nice to always drive a brand new car when you need one. We usually only have a car about 10 days a year.
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Have seen boats (OK, small self-propelled barges) in Europe carrying their own automobiles
Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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We don't live permanently on our boat but we usually cruise for two to three months at a time.

Many marinas are close enough to stores that walking is practical. Our doctor says we are the healthiest when we've been cruising. We have a folding cart for carrying food and supplies.

Many marinas have a "loaner vehicle" available for an hour or two. The last marina we used one at told us that if we signed it out at closing time (5:00 PM) we could keep it until they opened the next day. They usually expect you to replace the gas you use.

One marina we stayed at paid for a taxi to and from the nearest grocery store. They expected us to carpool with other boaters and they didn't cover tips (and neither did the other boaters).

I've seen boaters with bicycles and one with a small motorcycle (on a very large boat).

Then of course there are busses and taxis. And rental cars.

Although the thought of bein able to travel independently is nice, it would take a lot of taxi trips to pay for the cost of a pair of decent bicycles or motor bikes. And a taxi is far better in the rain. And the bicycles or motor bikes have a limited lifespan on a boat unless you have room to keep them inside.
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Wifey B: Ok, read books by several doing the canals in Europe who had vans they moved along with themselves. Every time they'd move the boat, they'd move the van, using a bicycle to get to and from. Seemed silly. I now apologize to them all.

See, we had 7 of us returning to the boat and did so in the van. Then along the way talk spread to someone running the van each day as the rest of us were on the boat so at the end of the day we'd have the van wherever we went. Also van person could grocery shop and such along the way. In the areas we were traveling getting transportation for 7 was just not easy. Meant rental and two trips or three taxi runs or some other combo. It worked well. It was fun. We liked it. Maybe those doing the canals were on to something. This summer we're heading up the coast and will have 8-11 on board. Will we shadow the boat with the van or not (it seats up to 12)? To be decided.

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