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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
I'm assumung you have a cockpit door and the swim platform is a close step?

I asking more from those that have you standard aft cabin, 36-48 models where it's a goof 2-3 feet to the swim platform....and possibly a narrow enough one where it's difficult to use anything but a ladder.
OK now that the pet rock owners have had their fun...

I was serious about anyone getting a bigger, older dog into the dingy, onto the dock from a tri-cabin model

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As to the gecko selling you insurance, all you have to do is teach him the word "no"!

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Mr. psneeld. There are life jackets for dogs which have a fair amount of chest support and not just straps. With a good grab handle on the back one should be able to manage a fair sized canine by just lifting and hefting up and over provided the dog doesn't freak out. Similar to this which spreads forces over a larger area on the chest...
Dog Life Jackets-Keep your dog water safe!
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Originally Posted by skipperdude
I like mine.

I don't have to feed it and it follows me where ever I go.

Friends like it too.

the only problem is it won't come when I call. I have to lure it to me with a treat.

Usually a pice of fish or something shiny.

I thought you were talking about my wife...the shiny thingy is usually a diamond...!

"Mahalo Moi"
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animal, cat, companion, dog, pet, pets

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