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Originally Posted by Moonstruck View Post
If it looks like it may be needed I will offer help. If it is accepted I will take a line and do as the Captain asks. I do not try to second guess or direct the captain. If the captain wants no help that is fine. I figure a man has the right to tear his boat up anyway he wants.

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You done good, OFB.

Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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I actually tell whoever is holding lines NOT to throw lines until directed by me regardless of what someone on the dock is saying. If they're new to this process I simply explain that once someone is pulling on lines I don't have total control of the boat and its easier and safer for me to put the boat where i want to first, then throw lines to keep the boat there.
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Originally Posted by Northern Spy View Post
I learned that trait in a small sailboat dominated marina myself. Just be available to lend a hand. I've taught my son the same way. Be available to take orders, but do nothing unless asked. He's gotten some tours of some pretty cool boats that way.

He now wants to be a summer student hire to assist the local wharfinger.
Holy thread revival!

Anyways, my son is an assistant wharfinger at the harbour during the summer now. Loves the job.
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I'm new here, but gotta chime in on this. I'm used to being around sailboats. They can be tough to dock, mostly not having helm in reverse other than prop walk and other factors. As others have said, at marinas with mostly sailboats, when one comes in, a couple or three people will drop what they're doing and walk over to catch a line if needed.
Now I live alone, except for my dog who is not real good at line handling on a 40' loa power cruiser with the helm on the fly bridge, no thrusters. Long way, down a ladder, up onto the walking deck and 35' forward to get a bow line. I do have a long boat hook on the bridge and can reach down to get a line on a cleat, but that's far from easy and I have lines ready on the rail and can reach down and hand a long boat hook to someone on the dock to use to bring over a dock line. I'm accustomed to going over to help someone docking if needed, as a common, much appreciated courtesy, not sitting back to watch the show of a controlled collision or other accident.
I'm new to non commercial power boating and not looking to rub anyone the wrong way,...just sayin.
I do all my own stunts.
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Your problem could be solved by borrowing Marin`s dog, or having him train yours .
With you on mutual docking assistance at the marina, but always be ready for a DIY the day no one is around.
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Sydney Australia
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Good job.

When watching others dock I often wonder whether I am a spectator or a witness.
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The marina where my sailboat is docked has a couple of hundred slips and not a ladder anywhere. I pulled a neighbor lady out of the water one night. She was pretty drunk at the time and it was mostly funny, but could have been bad if I hadn't heard her companion yelling for help.
Where I am now with my power boat, I'm in a slip, bow to, on the ICW. Strong tide running about all the time. The dog and I have to go out the tuna door and walk the swim platform to reach the dock. I make it a habit to keep the swim ladder down, Haven't fallen in yet in more then six years of living aboard, but you never know. At docks without ladders, it's handy to remember that lots of boats have swim platforms and ladders.
I do all my own stunts.
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OFB, thanks for the post and thank you for being the guy!

I'd like to think that anyone at my Marina would do the same. Unfortunate that during most of the time that we have been on the boat lately has been during the winter, and few people are on there boats. The few that are live a boards are deep inside most of the time.

The thought of someone ending up in the water during this time is upsetting, especially with a 2-3 knot current from the Colmbia River.

Be thankful for those that may be looking, Like OFB! I know I'll pay a bit more attention thanks to this post.
John & Tracey
Pairadice S4714
" I can explain, but I can't make you understand"
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We kept a 24' and a 32' on a Corp lake for 10 years. We were weekend boaters then as we both still worked and this was our 1st boats that stayed in the water. When anyone returned anyone on the dock within 5 or 6 slips would help them into the slip, some needed much more help than others, alcohol may of been to blame. When we got a slip for our boat on the river no one jumped up and tried helping us in the slip whenever we returned. I put this down to two things, they were experienced boaters and the marina is well protected. I found that it was much less stressful docking when there were no people who thought they were being helpful or that I needed help grabbing the boat. On the lake every year there were a couple or more new boaters on the dock who needed a hand the 1st few times they docked so it just became normal to get up and help anyone coming in. As far as dock ladders I put one at the end of my finger, I think all docks should have some way for a person to get out of the water if they fall in. Retrieving a wet 50 pound dog back on to the dock is about all I can handle much less a full grown person. On the river there are enough houseboats near my slip I've always planned to use the ladder on the nearest one if I fall in.

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Ron on Northern Lights II
I don't like making plans for the day because the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.
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I don't call any aspect of that original post nosy. Attentive and realizing a major problem might happen. I think this doesn't just apply to a boat. If you see someone ram a car in a parking lot and drive away but you have a clear view of the license plate, will you do something? What if you see a mother in Walmart slap her 3 year old hard across the face? What about a young couple on the street and she's trying to get away while he's hurting her and not letting her plus issuing all types of threats. What if you see a teenage girl drunk and alone on the beach? What if you know your neighbor or a coworker is getting beaten by his/her spouse regularly? What if you see obvious signs of being abused in a child? What if you find out a college girl was date raped last night? What if you observe shoplifting or employee theft? What if you observe a store manager sexually harassing employees?

Where do you draw the line?

It's difficult. Prior to meeting a much smarter than me wife, I would have thought through all these circumstances. For her, it was always simple and she taught me, just to do the right thing. Sometimes that's hard to figure out too, but if there's life, health, safety involved she and I both will jump in. It's led us to some dangerous situations in the past but we still do it.

This was a situation where the OP saw danger and he kept an eye on things and then reacted when it happened. I certainly hope I would have watched and reacted the same way. I use to see far more inexperienced operators on the lake. Also many drunk ones. I saw one circle in and out of a marina, hitting four boats along the way. I got his NC numbers and called law enforcement. I don't scream and yell when I get waked but when I see a drunk or idiot operator endangering the lives of others I do report them. We offer to help those docking who appear to need it but try to do so in a way that allows them to say they're fine without help.

We don't need community watch, we just need old retired neighbors who sit on the front porch of the first house in and know every car owned by every person and are nosy plus. That's like marinas. Nothing better for security than a couple of older retired couples who have nothing better to do than notice everything that takes place.

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