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yeah REALLY depends what you are looking for. Full restaurant with dinner every night, bar, parties, social events... or a primarily cruising club... or something in between We are past members of a club that has a bar and restaurant on the weekends. I was Commodore there. It was a LOT of work but we enjoyed it. We moved our boat to another area and now belong to a cruising club with no facilities. I ran the cruise outs last year and am helping this year and it is great fun to pick the destinations and visit new places. My husband is Commodore this year. We also belong to an Island. Doesn't that sound fancy? No running water, no electricity, just docks and shaded decks. They have a work party requirement but it is one a year and a great group. We enjoy going there on weekends when we might otherwise not have used our boat or don't feel like taking a big trip. (it is not too far from where we keep the boat.) Belonging to those two clubs is less than half of what our old club cost a year.

Meet as many people as you can and make sure you like at least some of them.

We have very much enjoyed using our reciprocal privileges and we have visited some wonderful clubs around the world.

Good Luck!

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Pineapple Girl
We have a lot in common (just read your blog.) Same boating history, same Delta history, same club history, similar boat. Interesting. See my profile on TF and shoot me a PM if you want to follow up
Ted lyman

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Pua Hana is right, you have to make your own list of priorities--every club has its upside and its not so upside. We belong to Queen City Yacht Club in Seattle. It is a very active social and cruising club. A number of our members are involved in predicted log racing. There is a junior sailing program. Our club has 220 covered and open moorages for a variety of boat sizes and types, both power and sail. For us, moorage was a factor as it is far more affordable at our club than commercial rates in the area so that shaped our decision. The wait list for moorage varies with boat size and type but it's not onerously long. I like the people in our club and have many friends in other clubs as well. I think our annual dues are reasonable although not as cheap as some, but certainly cheaper than others. I think you have to measure dues in terms of what you are getting that you value, need and can accept. Hope you have fun deciding. Wherever you land, you'll be among good people no doubt.
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I looked the QCYC web site, but there is no info about the membership dues. How could I gather that information? I am thinking about joining a yacht club and the location is of your club is perfect for me.
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The Navy has a yacht club in my area which is very reasonable, and well respected in the comminuty as far as reciprocal use. I tried to get in, but did not meet the criteria since I was only a reservist, and that was a long time ago.

Originally Posted by psneeld View Post

I did appreciate back in the 70's a couple of the yacht clubs in the Miami area extended honorary memberships to active duty USCG Officers..while certainly no guarantee...the thought was there might be some quality added and might groom future members.

But I do wish there were some reasonable ones around.
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Here's a part of the reason why we joined the club we did (below). It's an active club with several organized cruises every year, lots of parties throughout the year, the people are fun and they like to go boating. Does it get any better?


Mike and Tina
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