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Is in this case.....

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: Ok, my first time to sea as in ocean was 2012. As a kid, no boats in my life. Only time was once I went with some church group to a lake and we were on a pontoon boat. It wasn't the boat though, but the place, the water, the escape. I didn't have a lot of good days as a kid and that was one I never forgot. It was worth all the trouble I got into over it when I got home as I didn't exactly have permission.

Fast forward to 2001, I've met the love of my life and go to visit and we get out on the water. Heck yeah, I was hooked and it was only starting. Three months later, on my 22nd birthday we got married and I was a boater forever. On the water was just where we both loved being. Maybe I just felt his love for it. I don't know. I just know it was so right and has always been a huge part of our life.
WB - Congrats on all you found and all you have! Never let go!!

One Item I'd like to bring up here (that I hope most - if not all - on TF are blessed with) is good stomachs... i.e. in that we do not get sea-sick.

Point in fact: My son LOVES the water. He was brought up in Maine around and on the water all the time. Well, he married a simply outstanding woman whom he met in Aspen CO a couple decades back when he was executive Chef at Aspen's Ajax Tavern. T'waz love at first sight; a fine grand daughter they provided. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to son while still in Aspen falling madly in love with his wife to soon be - Chris - Chris can not step foot aboard without getting sea-sick. This has created no problems for them other than they do not have a boat... even though living basically on the water in Dana Point CA. I feel for my son. In his 40's now he has grown to accept the fact that water doings aboard boat in not in their lifestyle... so they enjoy other hobbies and fun actions like avid skiing, swimming, running, travel for events and the like. Tobs always knows that if he jones too bad and needs a boat fix that he can always plan a few days to visit dad and my love for a fun boat excursion. Poor Chris turns green on a boat at dock during calm day. Makes me sad for them both, as well as for Helena, their wonderful daughter.

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Boy, having never been seasick in my life, I can't imagine what that must be like. I know in just the right conditions even people who "never" get sick sometimes get it too, but not yet for me. There's got to be some way to condition a person past that, isn't there?
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Just anecdotally, I have observed mal de mar afflict folks unexpectedly - even experienced sailors. During the first day or so of a long offshore trip, after too much time ashore, I sometimes feel queasy and have even blown chunks over the side. It settles down after a day or so, but it's true that for some unfortunates, waterborne adventures are just off-limits. Pharmacological remedies like scopolamine can have adverse side-effects that could pose a risk to health and safety aboard.
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I feel for those who get seasick. When we have new guests who haven't cruised we do have them take something the first time. We caution them about what they eat before boarding.

Also, Sleipner did some interesting testing and it points out the role stabilizers might have in preventing seasickness. They tested a 56' Princess with Side-Power Vector Fins. At 11 knots they found the vector fins reduced roll by 97% and reduced seasickness by 99.8%. At anchor, they found they reduced roll by 66-72% and seasickness by 88-92%.

Last, I'd suggest anyone who gets seasick in calm conditions might be well served to see an ENT regarding a potential inner ear problem.

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