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Originally Posted by Andy G View Post
We are quite used to each other, she's high maintenance, needs constant attention, has a few quirks and I am not 100% sure I know all there is to know about her. But she puts up with me and takes me where i want to go, and friends thinks she is teriffic.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ummm. We are talking about boats correct?

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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
Oooo, Ooooo, I finally got one! The seating in the saloon is not as comfortable as it could be. There's just not room. The engine hatches don't leave enough around them to put in a proper couch.

And one minor one, maybe FOG can tell me if this is all Prairie 36's or just mine: There's a pair of drains through the bulwarks on each side deck, but there's a spot halfway between them that's a little lower, where water collects. There should be another drain there, but there isn't. It almost looks like it originally had one that someone glassed over.

As for stairs, our feet have pretty much gotten used to them now, and I don't think about it. They do feel a little "off" at first. I'd also love inside access to the flybridge, but would never part with the space it would take up.

With a full vinyl enclosure, flybridge drainage isn't an issue for me, but I've been thinking about caulking around the seating bases just in case. If I do that I'll figure out a way to add some drainage at the low spots - good suggestion.
When I first read your post I was going to reply that I had 3 drains on my Prairie 36. But it being somewhat still new to me I thought I would go check.
I do in fact have 3 drains on each side, but it is obvious that one was added. The one in the middle does not have the scupper mold in the deck, but does drain through the bulwark like the others.

The PO installed wooden grating inside the seating/storage areas on my flybridge. So this helps to keep items from sitting in water and allows drainage.

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