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I do everything on our boat with the exception of exterior varnish!
Oh, and I hired out the soda blasting of the hull a couple of years ago...
This is my spring work list for 2014. It is a fairly typical list for our boat. I like my stuff to work!
2014 Worklist Esmeralde:

* Soda blast bottom
* Sand and fair bottom
* Apply 5 coats InterProtect 2000e
* Sand smooth with 80 grit
* Apply 5 coats Hydrocoat ECO (rolled and tipped)
* Sand smooth with 400 grit
* Remove inboard Genoa tracks for gelcoat repair
* Re-bed Genoa tracks
* Clean and wax hull
* Clean and wax deck and house
* Clean teak decking in cockpit and transom
* Perform annual engine maintenance including:
* Adjust valve clearance, replace valve cover gasket
* Remove, clean and reinstall heat exchanger
* Replace engine coolant
* Replace raw water impeller
* Replace emissions diaphragm in engine breather
* Replace engine v-belt
* Change engine oil and oil filter
* Replace fuel filters
* Inspect cooling hoses
* Inspect fuel hoses
* Check all clamps for tightness
* Clean engine and bilges
* Check charging system for correct regulator settings and operation
* Perform sail drive major maintenance:
* Replace cone clutch
* Reseal lower unit
* Reseal input shaft (after sliding engine forward to gain access)
* Strip exterior underwater paint, inspect drive body, apply barrier coat
* Service Gori propeller(replace hub saver rubber parts, clean, inspect)
* Torque keel bolts
* Commission fresh water system
* Replace propane regulator
* Inspect propane hoses
* Load test batteries
* Check operation of battery charger/inverter
* Perform wiring inspection
* Perform chafe inspection of hoses and wiring below decks
* Perform windless maintenance
* Perform winch maintenance
* Inspect all lines
* Inspect rig and rigging
* Clean stainless

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When I wanted to install a generator in our boat, I had the yard install the beds but I took over from there.
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City: Signal Mtn., TN
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Vessel Name: Stella Maris
Vessel Model: Defever 44
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I had a yard soda blast and paint Stella's bottom; after I retire next month (WHOOHOO!!! ) I'll probably do my own bottom-painting.

I generally try to do whatever I can myself first. If I think I'm over my head technically or time-wise, I'll bring in a pro. I had the yard do our rudder bearings and packing as well as new engine mounts and alignment.

I have installed 13 new below-the-waterline through-hulls and seacocks and am finishing up a major electrical refit (both AC and DC), including new inverter, IsoBoost transformer, house bank, alternators, external regulators, switches, fuses, breakers, and what seems like miles of wiring. I'm consulting with an ABYC-certified tech on this latter project.

Generally, I enjoy working on the boat when I have the time to do it. I always learn a lot, have a great feeling of accomplishment and less anger over paying someone for what sometimes turns out to be half-assed work.

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City: Jacksonville
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Vessel Name: SONAS
Vessel Model: Grand Alaskan 53
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I have a running list of work that needs to be done between now and our three month trip in March. Some I will do, others I can't or won't. See below.

Source and install A/C pads in Salon and Master cabin - self
Move start battery cable and install cover - self
Get integrated display on main screen to work - self with tech help
Test out center fuel tank - self
Resolve fuel return issue to port tank - self
Purchase emergency windlass lever - self
Have yard resolve dingy outboard issue - yard
Remove un-needed inventory from boat stores (charts, books etc.) - self
Check engine, genset spares and make sure X2 supply including fluids
Spares - self
Check bilge buster power supply issue and resolve - hopefully self
Replace water filter cartridges - self
Bolt down loose fresh water pump - self
Source suitable fishing gear - self
Have life raft recertified - Datrex
Have engines serviced – watch fluid and filter changes process - Auth mechanic
Source 50’ 50amp shore power cable - self
Resolve 24v external and internal light issues - self
Get carpet squares for bare wooden steps - self
Install engine room and rear cameras - electrician
Install complete tool box - self
Have EPIRB recertified or replaced - Datrex
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City: Maryland
Country: USA
Vessel Model: 42' Sportfish
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I don't have a firm list, but rather a conceptual approach.

If I know how to do X, have the tools, and it won't hurt me, I'll probably do it.

If I don't know how, but have the tools and it won't hurt me, I'll probably give it a shot.

If it takes special tools, or will hurt me, I'll hire somebody. The "hurt me" category would include things lke bottom work (sanding, painting, etc.), changing my port side raw water pump impeller (except in emergency), and so forth... Anything where the after-action effect will be that I can't walk, can't sit or stand up straight, can't bend my arms, can't move my fingers, etc.

South River, Chesapeake Bay
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City: Seneca Lake NY
Country: US
Vessel Name: Bacchus
Vessel Model: MS 34 HT Trawler
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I can't be the only one here that Barters?? So will add another catagory...

I have the yard...
Winterize engine & gen
Haul & block
Shrink wrap - Have done this w/ a group in the past but logistics w/ others became a problem

I Do...
Routine maintenance - engines, gen, A/C, hull, topside & most aux equipment / systems - fluids, filters, "zincs", belts, checking, cleaning, troubleshooting as able
"Improvement" projects (Exs: can be found on web link in Signature)
Most Repairs while cruising
Hull wash, polymer seal, bottom paint - hull & gear anode check / replacement
Topside wash, machine polish & polymer sealing (hired the hardtop roof this yr and plan to in the future)
Canvas work (previous boats - none on current boat except sun shade screens I did)

I Barter...
I guess I'm lucky to have a 2 - diesel mechanics - 1 also a truck body/ paint guy and a hydraulic professor/mechanic in our marina - I do all of their canvas, woodworking and general "I could use a hand" work - they help me and teach me their specialties... e.g.
Worked together to troubleshoot my alternator charging problem - found MS wired fire control box incorrectly
One did the hull finish spray painting (for the repair mentioned below) I helped him prep & spray his hull stripe.
One walked me through basic diesel checks & maintenance the first season
Just completed valve adjustment on my Yanmar

My yard is busy and not trying to drum up business - they welcome "competent" help working w/ their guys in some cases.
Last yr We worked together to install new through hull Xducer & fairing block
Also did some fiberglass structural stiffening on hull - I assisted and did external repair, fairing & finishing (see above)

Full disclosure - I am retired and have the luxury of time ( bad knees & hip so starting to "farm out" more of the grunt work like hardtop polish & sealer)
I take pride in knowing my boat and the systems and being able to troubleshoot & repair when necessary.
I have to say I did much the same while working with a smaller / simpler boats
2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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City: Gloucester, MA
Country: USA
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I do everything myself except:

- Wash, wax, etc.
- Bottom paint
- Fiberglass work
- Finish woodwork
- Machine shop & stainless fabrication

Sounds very similar to a lot of other people.
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City: Maine Coast
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Tortuga
Vessel Model: Nunes Brothers Raised Deck Cruiser
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I do everything myself except hauling and launching. Last Springs work list included:

1. Replace 12 planks and 8 frames on the hull topsides

2. Repaint hull and trim. Varnish transom, cabin house and all interior wood.

3. Install new battery (build and install battery box, make up wires and do installation)

4. Commission all systems

Previously I refamed the forward half of the boat, built a completely new interior, replaced 8 feet of the keel, Built new engine beds, repowered (I did have the new engine physically put on the but but did the install myself), built a completely new cabin house, replaced all systems including the complete fuel system.

On my fiberglass boat I do all everything except haul/launch and canvas work. I do glass work, mechanical, electrical, wood work, etc.

I do all my own machine work and welding.
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When it is easier to do it myself than to find and have someone else do it, I do it.
When I hire someone else, I often supervise, even though I am pretty sure I get charged extra for my assistance.
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Vessel Name: REEL INN
Vessel Model: Chris Craft Commander 36 Tournament Fisherman
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Pay for: Haul out, bottom paint, diver for zincs (water is too cold for my candy a$$ here in the NW).

Myself: Wash/Wax/Polish, Interior cleaning/Teak Oiling, electrical repairs (AC/DC)/additions/modifications, Engine maintenance/repairs, Drivetrain maintenance/repairs, genset maintenance/repairs.

The real problem I have is the ability to have time, money and motivation concurrently.

But the beer in the fridge is always cold...
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I just paid to have the sanitary hoses to the holding tank replaced. They were 35 years old, covered in good, and stunk. The job turned out to be fairly simple. Still, it was well worth the 8 hours of labor. Odor problem resolved! And, toilets seem to flush better but that could be my imagination.
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The boat is a toy and I enjoy every minute of working on it.
I did have to pay a yard to replace the fuel tanks but everything else I've got covered.
When it stops being fun she'll have to go.
Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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City: Philadelphia, PA
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Vessel Name: Revel
Vessel Model: 1984 Fu Hwa 39
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Well, we'll see what is possible next spring when my new shoulder is 5 months old (going for the chop on 20 October).

I used to do everything on cars: bodywork, mechanical, exhausts. I do no car work any more.

I still do nearly everything while rebuilding our 1857 house (though we hired a contractor for the back porch / sunroom rebuild): carpentry, cabinet building, electrical, stonework, plaster, stucco, plumbing, painting, concrete and stone flooring, ceramic tile, heating system distribution piping, making/restoring windows. It's nearly finished so less work is anticipated. The barn does not touch the ground as much as appropriate, though.

I do some furniture making. More planned now that the house is nearly done: master bed, cabinets for the 850+ Ampico piano rolls, dining room table leaves. About time I make a chair!

I've restored a 1950's Flying Dutchman sailboat: veneer, deck, frames, stringers, thwart, kick-up rudder, centerboard, hardware. Two more FD reside in the barn.

I did all work required on the Morgan 27, including new engine mounts, sole, new chainplates, custom sewn items/covers, and the rest of the normal stuff, for the years we owned her.

I did all work required on the LeComte Northeast 38, including anchor winch, total rebuild of the head, interior woodwork, winch bases, clean-up PO wiring, water system and the rest...until we put her on the market (where she still is BTW).

We bought the trawler in January '16, due to our age-related decrepitude. Others will do seasonal engine maintenance, save for checkups and emergencies. Others will paint the bottom and winterize her. I will (attempt) to do all other maintenance and improvements, custom woodwork. I have done the new mast, dinghy and kayak davits, electric toilet, flybridge ladder.
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Other than the annual haul & block the only thing I have ever paid for was to have the marina lift out an engine and lift in the new one when I repowered my ex Mainship.
Jay Leonard
Attitude Adjustment
40 Albin
Mystic,Ct. /New Port Richey,Fl
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Wifey B: I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me.

I've done a few basic things or helped just to see how it's done, like clean the teak. I know how to do engine checks and change fuel filters. But mostly I do nothing in regards to maintenance. And the other B does as much as me.....

And I don't feel bad about it and make no apologies for it.

And I'm sure this surprises no one here.

Oh, and just because I don't do it, doesn't mean I don't know anything about it.
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I do most everything myself. Except, during a reporter, I had a yard pull out my old engine and install new. They wired up to a temporary helm, and ran new fuel lines. Had a machinist make a coupling/flex adapter. They gave me a key and allowed me to work on my boat after hours and on weekends.

It's a hobby. Working on the boat is a big part of the fun for me.
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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me.

And I'm sure this surprises no one here.

Oh, and just because I don't do it, doesn't mean I don't know anything about it.
Ok, not really.

I'm trying to visualize a man saying that last sentence in front of the mother of his children, when asked about child birth.

I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow groove, on my mind.....
I want to spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush.....
"Slow Hand" by The Pointer Sisters
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Other than bottom paint, we do everything on the boat. Heck, when we had our sailboat, we even replaced all the standing rigging ourselves (did have a rigger make up the wire and fittings). We do it not only becuase it saves us money, but also becuase I enjoy most projects and I want to know everything about the boat. We did pay to have some work done on the current boat while it was still in Florida, but that was primarily because it wouldn't be delivered here until November, at which point it is getting rather cold to do outside projects. If we ever decided to paint a boat, that I would pay for, mostly becuase we don't have the faciliities or equipment (we paid to have our hull inset painted when we bought the Tug).
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TF Site Team
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Vessel Name: FlyWright
Vessel Model: Marshall Californian 34 LRC
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I do what I can (and must) to keep her running and current on all maintenance items. I will hire out those items that require special skills, knowledge or tools that I do not possess. I sand and varnish the brightwork, but admit that I've been playing more and working less these last couple of years. Having a covered slip and window canvas allows for some delayed attention in those areas, but my doors are shot and in need of rework.

Most upgrades and improvement mods I've made to FlyWright get done by me. If I lack some skills or tooling that can be provided by a pro, I'll hire and work with him. I hired a mechanic to work with me to install my Balmar alternator and regulator. Now that I've done it with a pro, I know what's required and will be able to handle that job myself next time. As I ponder upgrading MFD/radar/fishfinder, I might find myself looking for help with transducer mounting and cable running. That may involve calling friends and stocking up on beer and pizza. (topic for another thread)

As far as bottom paint is concerned, I seem to have an insurance claim every 3-4 years that so far has provided full bottom paint coverage (PI). It's not like I'm out there looking to hit something or positioning myself so others can run into me, but it happens. Truth be told, I'd rather pay for those bottom jobs myself than have to deal with the damage and repairs of an accident. But my boat has emerged from every accident repair as a better boat, so I'm not complaining. I do hire a diver to handle the quarterly bottom cleaning and replace my eroding zincs. (topic for another thread)

I don't want to curse myself, but I'm now starting to feel like I've got this boat where I want her....dialed in, if you will...for my intended uses and comfort. I have a few upgrades left to complete, but the ability to support myself in comfort for 14 days while unplugged from any marinas has been proven. Having the tools, knowledge and ability to maintain the boat on my own goes a long way to allowing this to occur. I'm feeling like this is a significant step for a small coastal cruiser like this 34 Californian. Probably not a big deal for a passage-making Nordy or Selene or Krogen, but it's a big leap for me and my lil' boat.
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Fun thread to read.

We have done the following:
  • Reupholstery
  • Recarpet
  • Refinish countertops
  • Repaint deck
  • Repaint topsides
  • Install electronics
  • Dive bottom and scrape barnacles
  • Oil changes
  • Wax and bufff
  • Other basic repairs

We pay for the following:
  • Difficult or large repairs
  • Bottom Paint
  • Anything that requires a haul-out
  • Major repairs

Matt B.
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