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wet exhaust

Hello to everyone I'm a new member and was wondering if someone has any advice as to replacing wet exhaust on a 3208n cat engine in a Californian 42LRC. My 45 and 90 degree rubber boots need to be replaced the fiberglass tubes are in good shape. The problem I seem to be having is that todays manufactured boots are shorter ie; the legs coming off the bends are not as long as the ones on the boat now. The shorter boot does not allow clearance between the tubes and the oil feed lines to the filters at the back of the engine. I believe that the boots needing replaced are actually air vent hoses off a truck or bus that are not appropriate for that amount of heat. Would like to be able to fix 3 rubber boots without breaking the cruising kiddy, reconfiguring the whole exhaust or moving oil line fittings. Any advice or knowledge would be great, thanks and smooth sailing

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I don't think I can help with specific rubber parts. What was chosen years ago would be decided by the boat builder and engine installer.

I question your concern about standing the heat. Unless recently changed those pieces have done that already for , I presume, a lot of years.
If the wet exhaust system is working properly then the whole part of the wet system should not be any hotter than you can stand to comfortably hold your hand on. Certainly not more than 120oF or so.
Of course if the system is not working correctly then all bets are off but remember no part of a wet exhaust system should be hot. The fiberglass pieces, the rubber elbows and the rubber hose to the transom all have to be relatively cool.

As for the pieces then Google will be your friend or an exhaust system specialist.

Two are:
Designing a Marine Exhaust System - Seaboard Marine

Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama, Inc.

Both have picked up a good rep. from Boatdiesel. Maybe contact one of them.

ALso Trident Marine Hose is a mfgr.

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A good search should turn up what you need, if not you will need to get some new FG tubing. Maybe not all of it, by swaping the pieces around, you may only have to get the longest piece. Measure twice, cut once.
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