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City: North Carolina
Country: USA
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We started today

I am retiring from the Army this year and would like to have a little adventure before we settle into our final retirement location. Two years ago I floated the idea of moving onto a boat to my wife. At first she thought I was crazy. She did indulge me a little by looking into it herself. We both used this forum to help refine our interests. last fall we went to Trawler Fest in Baltimore. But it still seemed like a remote possibility. We already have a 23 foot boat we keep in Beaufort, NC and knew boating and saltwater would be in our future but were unsure whether that would mean a condo or a boat. We have gone to a couple of marinas and looked at boats that were for sale but were not committed. We listed our house a couple of weeks ago and were surprised that it was snapped up. So we will be homeless in a couple of weeks. We decided to commit to moving on board a boat to start our retirement and today met with a broker who showed us our first couple of boats. We fell in love with the first one we looked at. We maintained enough cool to avoid committing immediately. We will spend 3-6 months looking before we commit, but we are excited. We appreciate Trawler Forums for all the information we have gleaned from the site. I am sure we will have questions for all of you as we move forward. I will post updates as appropriate. Thanks.

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Hooah! Go get 'em!

Semper Gumby,
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First, thank you for your service.

So now we get a chance to serve you.

Please ask as many questions as you have, and as often as you want!

Good luck and enjoy your new journey.
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City: Beaufort, NC
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Thank you for your service! I’m about 1000 days from retiring myself from the military. We actually live in Beaufort NC. We are planning on staying here forever. I’ve thought about simplifying our lives once we retire. Our youngest will be a Jr. in HS when I retire. Good luck with your hunt. Out of curiosity what boat was it that you looked at first and fell in love with?
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Welcome aboard. Retirement is great. Just not able to get everything done...
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Welcome Aboard! We all look forward to hearing of your new adventures.
Parks Masterson
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Vessel Name: Slow Lane
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Congrats sir! Welcome aboard. What boat did you look at? Oh, and paragraphs are your friends for long posts.....

2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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Vessel Model: Cheoy Lee 40 LRC
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Welcome, thanks, and good luck with your boat search.
There are great resources here, including Boat Search 101, the search feature for threads and posts, as well as the subject matter collections like the boat makes lists.
When we were looking, we did a lot of online searching on the boat sales sites to get an idea of what is out there, at what price ranges, and how the different design choices and compromises in each make or model might work for us.
Yachtworld is a good site for nicer, newer, and higher dollar boats. Others like Boat Trader, Iboat, and even Craigslist sites in boating centers can be productive.
Subject matter education is available from many sources, like the Coast Guard Auxiliary or Americas Boating Club (formerly the Power Squadron), commercial educators, or private training captains.
A good selection of reference / educational books is also helpful. Basics would include Chapman's Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling, Nigel Calders books on boat electrical systems and marine diesel engines, and other general use and repair books.
Almost all boats are compromises of cost, size, complexity or simplicity, speed, intended use both in the number of people aboard and waters or weather conditions. As you search for your boat you will find your balance point.
Good luck, JohnS
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The sad news is you may work longer hours when retired than when employed by Uncle.

But its usually far more FUN!
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Welcome aboard and congratulations, brother! The search is exhilarating. We're here for you. Fire away with your questions and post any potential boats. We'll help you sort it all out.

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City: Long island
Country: U S
Vessel Name: Riverwind
Vessel Model: Eastern
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Op , welcome. what boats are on your short list?
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Old 05-06-2019, 05:23 PM   #12
City: North Carolina
Country: USA
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Thanks for the encouragement. The first boat we looked at was a Mainship. I didn't really mean that it ticked off all our boxes only that once we started looking we became even more committed. We don't have a short list yet. But we love anything by Defever.
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City: Warwick RI
Country: US
Vessel Name: Lollygag
Vessel Model: 34 Mainship Pilot Hardtop
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Welcome aboard. Enjoy the search, took us over a year and many miles but was fun
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Vessel Name: Chardonnay
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Was it a mainship trawler or a pilothouse cruiser? As you can see from my Avatar, I have a mainship pilot 34. The boat would be pretty small for a full-time live aboard oh, so I am guessing you are looking at a mainship trawler 40 ft in length or better?
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4Yanks, has a "refine search" feature that allows searches by type of boat, length range, price range, and other filters.
There were several DeFevers on there last night, 40 to 48 ft, and 75 to 150k. No idea of condition, which is, of course, critical.
Good luck, JohnS
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City: Skillman
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Thanks for your service. One fellow mentioned a Mainship 40 Trawler; as a Mainship owner for almost 30 years I caution you that they were not built for the heavier seas that true trawlers can take--GB, KK, or many of the well known real trawlers, which Mainship is not! Mainships are handsome, comfortable, economical and very easy to run except in strong following seas or almost any offshore waters raising more than 5 feet. Finding the right boat is a lot of fun, but decide where you hope to take her in your hopefully long retirement. JFerry
Lady Sue Mainship 34 1982
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Welcome to the "real" world

Welcome, warrior, to the TF gang and to civilian life. I, too, am retired Army and remember my days on active duty with fondness (except for that part in SE Asia). While this suggestion will not solve your housing challenge, I recommend chartering at first. You will hone your skills, and check out various boats and on-board features that you like and don't like. You will also learn what life in a very confined space can be with a family.
In any case, you have friends here on TF most of us have "been there, done that".

Good luck and keep us posted
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Country: Canada
Vessel Name: INFINITY ∞
Vessel Model: Nordhavn 62
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Welcome aboard Sir.
What boats have your interest so far?
Andy & Julie Nemier
Nordhavn 62 - INFINITY ∞
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Vessel Model: Kadey Krogen 52
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All sounds exciting. But before you get too excited about one boat or another, I suggest you take a step back and tell us just what you intend to do with the boat? Where do you want to cruise? Inland or offshore? US or Out islands?
Your answers will help your fellow TF ers provide more focused recommendations. Should she be full or semi displacement? Stabilized? Set up for mostly marina stops or anchoring out?
Lots of people with a dream end up with a boat not suited to supporting that dream and all too many brokers are happy with any sale.
What is your budget? Will you be having family aboard for more than a few days? Many, many questions and answers need to be worked out before you ever seriously consider any particular boat.
A huge difference between a boat that is perfect for the great loop and one that runs offshore to the Bahamas and beyond.
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Welcome. Lots of good info on this forum. Good idea not to take the first boat you see, but look around. We have a Mainship 390. We spend a lot of time aboard but its probably a little small for a full time live aboard. They made two different 430. i think either would be a good choice. Keep in mind that Mainship (as well as most "trawlers") are coastal cruisers. Great for the ICW, anywhere on the coast or Bahamas and the Caribbean if you're careful. Anything further offshore and you would want to look and a full displacement boat. So decide on what you want to do before pulling the trigger.
Good luck

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