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"too much for a couple" to me says they expect to horse the boat around using muscle power. That wont happen and should not happen on any boat. It is the boat drivers responsibility to place the boat where it needs to be for the deck crew to easily do their job. Some ships systems will be larger but there w

A 55' boat IMO certainly does not have too much room for a couple to spend months on.

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MikeQi - your requirements sound match almost exactly the equation we're trying to solve as well. Fortunately we've got a couple years to square this particular circle.

Our leading contenders now are the N47 and KK48. With retirement speed shouldn't matter that much - that is the working hypothesis anyway. Selene is also on the list, as are some DeFevers (though still confused about the various DF years/models/lengths produced).

Two primary features draw us to KK and N: First is the ability to handle tough, probably unexpected, conditions. Our cruising grounds will be the East Coast, Nova Scotia to Bermuda to the Bahamas and south. Ideally we'll plan and schedule for good weather, but I'll sleep better knowing that if we or the forecasters screw up we'll be able to handle it.

The second feature is the JD/Lugger engines. I'd strongly prefer having a robust, low-power engine to a twin more-highly-stressed installation. The thought of an M1 engine gets my juices flowing.

We've looked at the Krogen Express and like a lot about it but it seems targeted to a different type of cruising than we want. One example is the power plant: twin 480 Yanmars. Another is the ground tackle set up: A bow roller that can handle only a single anchor. Things like that just suggest the boat is optimized for the ICW or trips in and out of Miami.

There are lots of Flemings on the Chesapeake Bay - one in the slip next to us actually. I don't know a prettier boat in profile. But again it doesn't seem to meet our needs - twin high-HP engines. Don't know how good it would be if accidently caught offshore. (Actually, I'm confused about the Fleming. What IS it designed for? I seem them mostly on day trips on the bay. They have relatively small interiors for the LOA. Are they intended to go offshore? But damn, they're pretty. But I also have a thing for the N62.)

All of this is just opinion formed by armchair analysis. I've probably slandered some good boats and ignored others. But I throw this out there to 'stimulate' the conversation.

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Originally Posted by jb cruzan View Post
If I was cruising those areas, retired, I don't think the slow trawler speed would bother me. I like you also have done a lot of sailing (but trawlerless). If you have a job, and a port to get back too a schedule to keep, sure I can see speed being more important. But when you want to poke around and explore, it seems a little bizarre to come screaming in at 20 knots if you plan to just drop the hook and hang out for a few days.
A lot of really good comments.

This summer has been an eye opener for me, yet again.

There have been many times I would have loved to go 15 knots instead of 6 or even 5, but the realization dawns that I could not have taken this trip in the comfort and economy that mean so much to me.

So it comes down to how you will really use the boat.

Do you need long range? Are you a fair weather sailor?
Do you mind spending $1,000 on fuel for maybe a weekend jaunt?

How did you use your sailboat? and what will be different now?
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Have you considered the Nordic Tug. Great boat, 49' or 54'? Long range, great head room in the engine compartment. Almost 3,000 mile range from 1,300 gallons, but yet will get up in the teens and scoot if necessary.

Nordic Tugs boats for sale -
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Thanks all, super helpful. Would love to hear from others as well. This forum rocks!
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Originally Posted by garyj4101 View Post
Have you considered the Nordic Tug. Great boat, 49' or 54'? Long range, great head room in the engine compartment. Almost 3,000 mile range from 1,300 gallons, but yet will get up in the teens and scoot if necessary.

Nordic Tugs boats for sale -
If it has the range they claim it still has a S/D hull, something i wouldn't want when passage making where you can run into unexpected weather.
Thanks, Oliver
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I think the answer to your question which I interpret as "Is 8 knots sufficient?" lies in your description of how you intend to use the boat. Eg If you are only on the boat for weekends and wish to explore new places frequently then you won't want to be limited to 8 knots. If you are on the boat for extended timeframes and have the time to get where you want to at 8 knots, you wouldn't need extra speed. Obviously economics and boat design are key factors as well, where horsepower and speed cost upfront and when running and boat design means the boat has to be a good match for the boating you plan to do.
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Don't overlook Defever 44 / 49 / 50. Our 50 is easy for two to handle, stand up engine room, great living space, 1,000nm+ range. Used boats are hard to find, but if you can find one it will be in your price range.
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If you are cruising on your own, and retired, seven knots is fine.

If you are cruising with other trawlers, seven knots is fine.

If you cruising with a yacht club or other group with faster boats, seven knots can feel like molasses.

With a seven knot cruising speed you will need to time your trips to have the tide and currents with you. Bucking a six knot current with a seven knot cruisers isn't fun! Sometimes this will mean getting up at four or five in the morning when you would rather sleep in.
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I don't think you will miss the speed. I went from a large, high horsepower go-fast sportfisher, to my current boat that can cruise at 17 knots (2100 rpm on QSM11's). I was worried that I would not enjoy life in the slow lane. As it turns out, I couldn't be happier. In practice, I rarely exceed 10 knots, and typically make about 8.5 - 8.7. For me, 8 - 10 knots is fast enough to get where you want to go in a reasonable time but much more enjoyable and relaxing than planning.

The Flemings are great boats, but the 55 does not have a stand up engine room. As for fuel capacity, it is somewhat limited, but still sufficient to get you from Alaska to Puerto Villarta without undo inconvenience for fuel stops.

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